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The moon was only a sliver when the first gunshot echoed from the parking lot next to the Health and Learning Center. It's been over a year since the influx of state and national media, the NAU Alerts and the shooting which wounded the Lumberjack and Flagstaff community.

With fears that sustainability programs around NAU will suffer from neglect with no director, administration officials are now conducting a search for an interim director to run the Office of Sustainability.


No one knows how it happened or whodunit, but a decapitated Louie statue has campus scratching its head.

President Rita Cheng along with many NAU administrators hosted a forum at the Highland Country Conference Center to discuss the current state and future of the university.

After 12 years of providing students secure transportation, NAU's Safe Ride program has been discontinued and is pending review. It will return temporarily for Homecoming and Family Weekend.

While senators in the confirmation hearing continue to review the FBI report, survivors of sexual assault stood together in front of NAU's University Union to share their stories and protest Supreme Court Nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

For perspective, other Arizona universities such as ASU and UA averaged 13 reported rapes through 2014 to 2016. Nearly half compared to NAU despite both of those schools being larger in population and campus size.


Juul, a device created for "adult" smokers so that cigarettes would become obsolete. Is that true?

The HAPA Hawaiian Club explains why they are concerned about Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh's comments concerning Native Hawaiians as the nominee continues to face confirmation hearings.


In an email to colleagues, NAU sustainability director Ellen Vaughan announced her intentions to resign from the post to take a new job at University of California Santa Cruz.


NextGen America is holding a voter registration drive across Arizona at all state universities, community colleges and other institutions of higher learning in an effort to get people between the ages of 18 and 35 voting. 


For the past two years, local residents have protested he Hub. Now the residents have moved in and the fears have turned into reality for some of the local residents.


NAU student-workers struggle to get by as the university still refuses to match Flagstaff's new rising minimum wage, but an NAU Career Development Team is currently working on new minimum wage policy.


After the threat of legal action, NAU has turned over the first portion of documents related to sexual misconduct on campus that The Lumberjack has requested. 


A new study from Ohio State University was released stating that your GPA could have an unintuitive effect on chances for jobs, especially if you are a woman.

After AAUP filed a formal complaint with the Faculty Senate Grievance committee in January and finally rejected on April 11. Now AAUP members are left considering their options.

NAU recently received the Kellogg grant in which a partnership between the College of Education and the Office of Native American Initiatives plans to work to better educate early childhood development.

Knowing the facts, causes and treatments involved with suicide can help people to be more aware and take action before it affects them or people around them.