The National Weather Service's (NWS) weather reports show a calm weekend in the Flagstaff area. Friday evening had light and variable winds, along with mostly clear skies. According to the weather service, these conditions are likely to continue as the weekend progresses.

Throughout the weekend, the NWS forecasts mostly sunny weather, with a few clouds, in the northern Arizona region. Saturday morning will be sunny with slight breezes and a high near 45 degrees. Winds are predicted to stay calm throughout the afternoon, with conditions transitioning to partly cloudy and temperatures reaching 20 degrees as the evening advances.

Looking toward Martin Luther King Jr. Day, more dense cloud accumulations will form late Sunday evening. However, conditions will remain dry with a high of 47 degrees and a low of 22 before the holiday.

Despite the weekend's favorable weather patterns, conditions will change quickly Monday night, as the NWS predicts a 20% chance of light rain and snow before the holiday weekend concludes.

Starting Tuesday, the high will be approximately 48 degrees. Despite this warm weather, there is still a slight chance of rain and snow showers in the morning. The NWS forecasts a 20% chance of precipitation as a disturbance carries more high winds and cold moisture into the air.

“We are watching a weak weather system for Tuesday and Wednesday, but not expecting very much snow,” meteorologist Tim Steffen said. “Through the end of next week, it will be pretty dry with slightly above normal temperatures."

Weather will be quiet and temperatures will be moderate to carry out through the week.