Weather update: Snow still in the forecast

Photo Courtesy of National Weather Service

Sunday’s supposed snowfall turned into rain, but there is still a chance of snow throughout the beginning of the week, as local National Weather Service (NWS) meteorologist David Byers explained.

He stated that Sunday’s storm still dropped 1.35 inches of rain in town, and since Saturday, Flagstaff has seen almost an inch and a half of total precipitation. Snow levels stayed around 8000 feet, Byers added that the precipitation that happened Monday morning was mixed as well.

“There has already been some rain [and] snowfall mixture today and it’s possible we could see more snow tonight,” Byers said in a phone call.

Though some snow could fall tonight, he further explained that the heaviest snowfall can be expected Tuesday afternoon and night and a winter storm warning has been issued.

“In Flagstaff, we could see six to 12 inches of snow by Wednesday,” Byers said in a phone call.

Today the high in Flagstaff was be 39 degrees with a 60 percent chance of mixed rain and snow throughout the day and is now dropping to 29 degrees this evening with an 80 percent chance of snow.

Tuesday’s high will be 35 degrees with a 90 percent chance of snow, going down to a chilly 17 degrees with the same chance of snow Tuesday night. Wednesday will see a coldest high temperature of the week at 27 degrees with a continued 60 percent chance of snowfall.

The low on Wednesday will be seven degrees and there will still be a small chance of more snow, with NWS models predicting a 20 percent chance. Thursday will be sunny and a few degrees warmer, with a high of 33 and a low of 10 degrees.

The full forecast can be found on the NWS website.