Weather update: surprise snow

Roads leading to Fort Tuthill is partially covered with snow Jan. 19 after a week of rain and snow. Skies are clearing up while the ground remains partially white.

After a clear, snow-free weekend, Flagstaff and a majority of northern Arizona were in for a very windy day today. With a high of 38 degrees and a low of 13 degrees accompanied by winds, expect a pretty cold day. According to the Flagstaff National Weather Service (NWS), winds were expected to reach up to 20 to 40 mph, with a wind advisory in effect all across northern Arizona.

NWS meteorologist Emily Thornton said high winds are expected for the rest of the day today going into the evening.

“These winds will continue through the evening, and will dwindle out in the night,” Thornton said.

There is an advisory in effect for high profile vehicles and anyone driving today due to the high winds bringing up dust from the valleys and reducing visibility for drivers.

Tomorrow, it is supposed to clear up and remain sunny with a high of 33 and a low of 13. The rest of the week is expected to look the same, with temperatures expected to reach around mid-40s and lows of 20 degrees.