According to the National Weather Service website, temperatures in Flagstaff are to remain in the mid-90s throughout the weekend, with overnight lows in the 60s. Although this weekend may bring less thunderstorms, next week could bring them back to Flagstaff.

"We're going to have decreasing chances of showers and thunderstorms into the weekend, and then storms probably returning on Monday through next week," meteorologist Brian Klimowski said.

Kilmowski said next week he expects characteristics of monsoons and thunderstorms to arise.

"[Flagstaff will see] the usually assortment of weather we see with our monsoon thunderstorms," Kilmowski said. "Wind, heavy rain and hail can be expected with the heaviest storms."

Additionally, meteorologist Dan Leblanc said on Labor Day the high will be in the lower 90s, with chances of thunderstorms later in the afternoon.

"Above normal temperatures will continue through next weekend with chances for thunderstorms at 30% to 40% later in the day," Leblanc said.

According to Weatherbase, the average August temperature for Flagstaff is 68.1 degrees, with an average high temperature of 82.1 degrees.

As classes get into the second week of the semester at NAU, students and staff may want to start planning for inclement weather. Residents and students should be sure to check the temperatures, stay hydrated and informed on any weather updates.