Flagstaff is expected to see scattered showers through Thursday, with possible thunderstorms this Wednesday, following a Monday thunderstorm warning. Dry weather is expected to return for the weekend.

Meteorologist Brian Klimowski of the Flagstaff National Weather Service (NWS) said thunderstorms are expected through the week.

“We’re going to have showers and thunderstorms moving back in here on Wednesday afternoon and evening,” Klimowski said. “We will probably have quite a few on Thursday.”

The Weather Channel website stated Wednesday’s high reached 71 degrees with an expected low of 47. Thursday’s high is estimated at 63 degrees with a low of 43.

Klimowski also discussed Flagstaff’s weather for later in the week, as well as early next week.

“It is going to dry out on Friday, with it being just dry and breezy Friday through early next week,” Klimowski said.

The Weather Channel website also predicts Friday’s temperature at a high of 69 degrees and a low of 42. For the weekend, temperatures are expected to drop slightly. Saturday’s high is expected to reach only 66 degrees, and Sunday’s high is expected to be 62 degrees.

Although there will not be a significant amount of rain this week, scarring from the recent Museum Fire creates a risk for flash flooding in the area.

The NWS Museum Fire flood risk webpage reported this week’s storms are considered a low threat for flooding. The website also stated any thunderstorms in the area can cause flash floods, even on low risk days.

According to a tweet from the official NWS Flagstaff account, Monday's temperature drop resulted in snow on the San Francisco Peaks.

“It did snow on the San Francisco Peaks this afternoon! Our best estimate is that snow and graupel fell down to 11,000-11,500 feet and probably got several inches deep at the highest elevations,” the tweet stated.

As Monday was the first day of fall, this week’s scattered showers and lower temperatures provide a glimpse of the season's upcoming weather.