Wi-Fi outages across campus

Illustration by Aleah Green

NAU's Information Technology Services (ITS) first alerted staff and students of a wireless internet outage through an email statement sent Aug. 26 at 2:10 p.m.

“We are currently experiencing problems with our wireless network… ITS is investigating the issue and working on corrective actions to restore services,” the ITS email stated.

By that evening, ITS issued another statement explaining the network problems were being resolved. However, after further network disruptions, ITS acknowledged that the issue was ongoing Wednesday.

The temporary lack of Wi-Fi was problematic for students, especially during the first week of school. Students depend on the wireless network for scheduling, course resources and club activities.

Sophomore Cameron Copely requires wireless internet access to see his schedule and locate classes. He explained how the first week of class was made difficult by the network outage.

“[The outage] made it hard for me to find my classes because my schedule was on my computer and made me late for a few of my classes,” Copley said.

Sophomore Alex Venditti explained how club activities were disrupted by the outage. He said for the first meeting of the semester, the mock trial club created an online questionnaire to organize new members, but scrambled when they could not connect to the internet.

“We were planning to use a Google form to take attendance and place club members into roles, but since the internet was down we had to change plans at the last minute,” Venditti said.

As of Thursday the NAU wireless network was online, but ITS had not announced whether future outages could still occur. ITS was not immedietly available for comment.