Women often shy away from sharing their political opinions. The fear of harmful and inaccurate stereotypes is powerful enough to suppress female voices. Women are more than society's generalizations and we deserve a voice. #feminism

Self-isolation, social distancing and quarantine have quickly become our new normal. Living through an unprecedented tragedy, feeling the growing pains of a difficult transition, how are we expected to cope? #COVID19 #pandemic

School dress codes unfairly target female students and enforce sexist expectations with no real logic behind them. Dress codes have been around for far too long, and it's time they are terminated. #feminism #dresscodes

Coming home usually brings a sense of comfort, normalcy and belonging. However, as the #COVID19 pandemic continues to disrupt everyday life, my California town is anything but normal.

With the cultural adherence and declaration to sustainable infrastructure, it is important to consider more hybrid-electric substitutes for transportation without breaking the budget. #MountainLine #ClimateEmergency

Pete Buttigieg (@petebuttigieg) made waves in the presidential race by simply being present. He inspired the LGBTQ+ community push boundaries and gave hope to aspiring leaders to believe in themselves. #2020election

Planned Parenthood (@ppact) needs to be defended against politicians who want to cut funding. Abortion care is health care, and health care should be a fundamental right. #womensrights #feminism

Spring break is approaching, but we left fall break behind. @NAU students need a week-long break during the fall semester, too. The additional break could be incorporated into the Thanksgiving holiday. #mentalhealth #collegelife

The spread of ignorance around the #COVID19 virus has led to racism. Xenophobia is promoting violence and global discrimination toward people who simply look like they are of Asian descent.

Esports (@NAUesports) virtual reality have a future at NAU, as the boundary-breaking career field is booming. Schools should take advantage of the growing popularity of esports through the academic lens. @NAU_AML

Selecting a major in college is a big deal. The current process of how we select and pursue programs on campus can be reworked into a more efficient system. #collegelife #major #undergrad

Social media trends have resulted in an increase of cosmetic surgeries. Recipients of these procedures should not take the blame for promoting unrealistic standards set forth by society. #plasticsurgery #societalstandards

In the era of acceptance, something that is not discussed nearly enough is predatory age differences in relationships. The rise of social media allows for women to be preyed on just as much as predators can be exposed. #pillowtalk #agegap #dating

Stepping away from the responsibilities of life when an individual needs time to process their emotions is understandably difficult. In spite of the challenge, there are resources that @NAU provides that can help. #college

On-campus jobs help @NAU students fund their education and cope with high living expenses. The university needs to address NAU's student job shortage by offering extended opportunities.

Young women of color work too hard to not be recognized for their efforts in activism and their talent online. They deserve the spotlight just as much as young, white women do. #TikTok #renegade #WOC #BlackHistoryMonth

The introduction of political parties has developed a cult-like following of idolized candidates and beliefs. Political piety is dangerous for many reasons. #2020election #politics

In 1974, a box set was released by Tactical Studies Rules. One year after the death of the author, J.R.R Tolkien, this box set would go on to take the world by storm. Its name is “Dungeons & Dragons,” and it has become a popular game beyond #geekculture.

College can be difficult for young adults trying to figure themselves out while finding their place in the real world. It is up to everyone to establish familial boundaries so that they may thrive. #pillowtalk

@Olympics have officially recognized skateboarding as a sport. @NAU has a positive attitude toward skating, but that alone isn't enough to satisfy skaters in #Flagstaff.

#BlackHistoryMonth sparks discussion of African American culture throughout United States history. Still, the cultural significance of black hairstyles is often forgotten.

City council unanimously approved the progression of a climate emergency resolution for the @CityofFlagstaff. This is one step closer to combating #climatechange, but the city needs to act faster in declaring an official emergency.

We are all social beings. To deny ourselves the ability to form complex relationships on the basis of emotional cheating is foolish and unfair.

With the stress and pressure of college life, it is important to prioritize self-love. Especially on the national holiday which celebrates love to an extreme extent, extending love to consider mental well-being first is crucial in order to love others properly.

Nothing is more awkward than witnessing a Valentine's Day gesture directed toward one's parent. Being a child of divorced parents on the holiday of love presents an array of awkwardness.

February 14 marks the second anniversary of the Parkland, Florida, tragedy. While romance and frivolities abound, we ought to remember what truly matters.

NAU President Rita Cheng's recent controversy surrounding improper use of university funding has sparked a debate regarding if she is fit for her role.