The gaming community has been in outcry over the banning of a professional Hearthstone player who voiced his support for the Hong Kong protests on stream. Blizzard should stand down instead of suppressing social activism.

All positive public opinion that is left of Trump should be completely derailed. The impeachment inquiry should have an affect on his reelection efforts.

The golden participation trophy that goes out to everyone isn’t what gets kids to the big leagues. Confidence and hard work does.

Cold weather makes for a more desolate state of mind. NAU's current mental health resources are not sufficient for students to make it through the winter in good spirits.

Every person with a menstrual cycle dreads that one week in the month where it feels like that uterine lining is shedding along with your soul. But, many do not know exactly how much the environment is hurting from it too.


Patagonia, Reformation and Aurorei are popular clothing brands that strive for sustainability, but they don't consider who is able to buy the clothes they make.

Becoming vegan or vegetarian will only help the environment if people stick to it, instead of treating it is as a popular thing to try.

The Dark Sky Community certification in Flagstaff exists to preserve the beautiful, starry night sky and prevent light pollution. However, this shouldn't come at the cost of public safety, especially on a college campus.

Romantic relationships between professors and students are always controversial. Sometimes, this type of power dynamic can be maneuvered to be successful and healthy when proper boundaries are set.

The most recent Democratic debate was a train wreck. The candidates could take note from one of the country's most controversial acronyms, MAGDA: Make American Debates Great Again.

Idolization of "The Bachelor" franchise can be disruptive to the health and well-being of realistic relationships.

The day-to-day life as someone who has experienced sexual assault is a battle. However, they shouldn't be looked at any differently.

Formerly referred to as Emily Doe in the Stanford sexual assault case, Chanel Miller revealed her name and is helping other survivors reclaim their identity.

Logic wrote a song about it, and we're all addicted.

We were supposed to be the generation that killed smoking, remember?

While Louie's Cupboard is an amazing resource, students shouldn't be so financially unstable that they can't even eat.

Falling in love with your roommate is bad, living with your ex is worse.

Navigating a long distance relationship can lead to many challenges, but in my experience it made my independence thrive.

The Amazon fire should not be happening. This is not a typical wildfire, it is an intentional fire started for selfish financial gain.

There’s a responsible way to talk about background checks without stigmatizing mental illness in the discussion of gun control reform. President Trump isn’t doing it correctly.

The Arizona Department of Education recently discussed adding LBGTQ information into their sex education program for K-12 schools. This discussion is long overdue and would be a great step in the direction of inclusivity.

Sex work is one of the oldest professions of time, but the stigma and violence needs an expiration date.