OPINION: Too many people based their vote on social media posts, misinformation and a blatant lack of research. As United States citizens, we need to do better when contributing to the future of our country by taking voting more seriously.

OPINION: While to some it can be entertaining for Democrats to taunt their Republican family members and friends, the holidays are a time to bond. However, it is important to acknowledge this conflict, even on a holiday.

OPINION: The Trump administration announced, Nov. 1, the same day as Día de los Muertos will now also be known as the National Day of Remembrance for Americans Killed by Illegal Aliens. This is disrespectful to the millions of citizens who celebrate the holiday.  

OPINION: Since the beginning of America, voter suppression has been prominent but its current existence is a threat to a democracy's right to a free and fair election.

OPINION: Women are generally greeted with microaggressions in the workplace daily. Among the most harassed and threatened are female politicians who are forced to persevere both online and offline with citizens and colleagues.


OPINION: If you believe affirmative action is the reason you were rejected from your dream college, it's time to educate yourself on how these policies actually work.

.@realDonaldTrump’s Twitter presence is reckless as he spreads dangerous QAnon conspiracy theories, claiming them to be true. If people are to represent themselves and their employers responsibly online, he must be held to the same standard.

OPINION: Although daddy issues have the ability to stunt relationships and lead to awkward encounters, that doesn’t mean they can’t be resolved.

OPINION: Both presidential candidates have been under scrutiny for their old ages since they were announced. Age correlates directly with cognitive and physical degradation, so the question should be posed: Why do we allow extremely old people to run our nation from the highest office?


OPINION: The current coin shortage brings us a step closer to a cashless society, which threatens the homeless population’s well-being.

OPINION: Finding the right birth control option can not only be tedious, but also burdensome on someone’s physical and mental health. For me, the process has taken four years and counting.

OPINION: President Donald Trump tested positive for COVID-19, which prompted panic and discourse among parties and individuals. Some Democrats publicly prayed for him to die, which is morally wrong and goes against fundamental Democratic ideals.

OPINION: COVID-19 has interrupted and threatened lives all over the world, but no one has felt this danger as much as the immunocompromised. Trying to live like a college student with rheumatoid arthritis during a pandemic is like nothing I could have imagined. 

OPINION: NAU’s decisions have reflected a lack of planning and regard for the student body. The university decided to change a housing building into isolation housing, leaving many students with the stress of moving while still balancing classes. 

OPINION: A healthy heart, mind, body and soul make a recipe for a happy relationship with one’s reflection. Quarantine has had an everlasting effect on people, whether it is positive or negative is up to you to decide.

OPINION: Many fall 2020 students have opted to take a gap year to avoid in-person priced online education. Is this the best pandemic-produced educational decision or an opportunity to fall behind?

OPINION: Most colleges have switched to primarily online instruction, but few institutions offer long-term laptop rentals to students who cannot afford the expense of buying a computer.