While a remote internship wasn't a part of my summer plans, I soon realized working from home was a blessing in disguise. Saving money, earning credit, gaining professional experience and bringing my dog to work every day was the best kind of internship I could have.

Although sending and receiving nudes can be a fun part of dating, the experience is not the same for everyone. In fact, sending nudes without proper consent can lead to harassment.

For many corporations, Pride Month is a way for them to make millions off of rainbow decorated products. However, when June ends, they are quick to abandon the community they happily benefited from

As someone who works in the travel industry, I acknowledge that traveling is fun, but now, travel is more dangerous than ever before, especially in Arizona.


How my journey wearing makeup has gone from a way to cover some insecurities to a way to demand representation in the beauty industry.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is set to become the first trillionaire. A person who exploits his employees and avoids paying taxes does not deserve this title.

The quarantine 15, and body image in general, can have an immense effect on confidence in the bedroom. While difficult, feeling sexy and confident shouldn’t be impossible.

Although businesses are reopening, precautionary measures are still needed to slow the spread of #COVID19. As an essential worker, I think people still need to adhere to these measures more than ever.

.@NAU has given us so much over these last four years. Although this isn't how we anticipated leaving our beloved mountain town, we wouldn't change a single detail regarding our time here. #ClassOf2020

When one partner graduates and moves away to begin their career, what happens to the relationship? In my experience, it is reasonable to stay together.

Some right-wing Americans believe that the #COVID19 lockdown has infringed on their rights and freedoms and should come to an end. However, data shows that slowing the infection rate will take more time than initially thought.

The word "essential" has become very gray and vague. If the world simply means trying to survive, non-essential businesses should not be allowed to remain open without consequence. It is the inconsistency between words and actions that will result in the number of deaths to increase.

#Quarantine has made many people restless to adopt a new pet. So, amid all of the crises that #COVID-19 has caused, adoption rates within animal shelters as well as adoption agencies are going through the roof. But are these animals being adopted for the right reasons?

Joe Biden has shown that he is a hypocrite and a predator toward women. His recent speeches and debates have also made many people question his stability.

The only way to make a large change in the world we see today is by voting. #BernieorBust will only hurt the odds of electing Joe Biden.

All people should have an equal opportunity to get an education. Now that students need to have access to technology at home to complete their school work during the COVID-19 pandemic, it puts underprivileged kids at yet another disadvantage.

For people in relationships, it may seem like being quarantined together is the ideal situation. As someone who has been with my partner 24/7 for a month, I now know that personal space adds a healthy element to my relationship.

A video recently emerged of @kanyewest manipulating @TaylorSwift13 into approving the lyrics of his song "Famous", which dissed Swift and damaged her career. Diss tracks can be entertaining to an audience, but damaging to artists.

In the madness of COVID-19, the quality of the environment has improved dramatically in places across the globe. Some people are saying the world would be better off without humans in it.Though reckless, there is some truth in this. #climatechange

While some couples use self-isolation to grow together, not every relationship can survive the struggles of life during a pandemic.

Gen Z has demonstrated a major turn in beliefs, values and actions in their time on Earth so far. We should not be ashamed of growing up in such a different climate than our parents.

Living with acne is hard, especially when you're in your 20s. How do you overcome the embarrassment and insecurity that comes with having a very imperfect complexion? #adultacne #selflove

In these trying times, it's important to appreciate those we love. While the #COVID19 pandemic brings with it plenty of heartaches, there are silver linings to the circumstances we find ourselves dealing with while in self-isolation.


It is crucial to have proper female role models growing up. Men should be raised with feminism in the household as a norm that is expected from the start. #feminism #women