OPINION: It is too early for states to roll back mask mandates. @CDCgov continues to recommend states move forward with mask mandates.


Many students turn to emotional-support animal (ESA) letters to be able to bring their pets to campus. However, these letters are generally hard to obtain. Universities need to provide this resource to students because mental health is just as important as physical health. 


OPINION: Many people tie religion into their political opinions to justify their beliefs and bigotry. Religion does not have a place in politics and should not be used to justify political mistreatment of oppressed groups.


OPINION: Plants are nature’s green, mean carbon-capturing machines, and they are much better than ours. 


OPINION: On behalf of everyone looking to forms of media for escapism, I am begging producers to skip out on pandemic-related plotlines.


OPINION: The current political climate has caused an increase in celebrity involvement. Many argue that celebrities' ability to influence may sway the opinions of fans. Public figures do not owe you neutrality. 


OPINION: Thousands gathered in Moscow and across Russia in protest of the arrest of Russian political opposition leader, Alexei Navalny. The voracity of these crowds is indicative of a Russia that craves a fresh start.


OPINION: The United States’ student debt problem is now a nearly $1.6 trillion crisis. The Biden administration is under pressure to quickly propose a plan that will relieve borrowers’ student debt burdens during the pandemic and beyond.


OPINION: Pro-life supporters claim to want all children to have a chance at life. Unfortunately, these kids do not get a chance at a good life when there is no focus on their livelihoods after they are born.


OPINION: With isolation continuing for so long, it is important to make time for off-screen activities despite the temptation of an all-consuming screen-fed life.

OPINION: Educational institutions should prioritize public health in the middle of a pandemic. Students around the United States should not have been allowed to return to schools and universities while transmission numbers are increasing daily

OPINION: People have been removed from their schools, workplaces and other organizations for using racial slurs, but slurs used against the LGBTQ+ community are not taken as seriously. Homophobic and transphobic hate speech is still unacceptable.

OPINION: The Georgia Senate elections are paving the way for a more democratic America. With demographic changes within Atlanta and increased voting rights activism, the fight for civil liberties sees a new victory.

OPINION: Following the attacks at the nation’s Capitol, there is a noticeable difference between the way this group was treated in comparison to other protesters. 

OPINION: The pandemic has changed the world as we know it. Having healthy habits during this time can help you from overeating and gaining the COVID-19 pounds.

OPINION: New Year’s resolutions often revolve around weight loss, financial gain or active habits. This year, those resolutions will most likely look different.


OPINION: PillowTalks will be coming to an end with the dawn of a new year. Now, we have a fresh topic for the Opinion column.


As she graduates from @NAU, former Director of Digital Content @thepinetreegirl bids The Lumberjack farewell in her heartfelt senior goodbye. 

OPINION: Too many people based their vote on social media posts, misinformation and a blatant lack of research. As United States citizens, we need to do better when contributing to the future of our country by taking voting more seriously.

OPINION: While to some it can be entertaining for Democrats to taunt their Republican family members and friends, the holidays are a time to bond. However, it is important to acknowledge this conflict, even on a holiday.

OPINION: The Trump administration announced, Nov. 1, the same day as Día de los Muertos will now also be known as the National Day of Remembrance for Americans Killed by Illegal Aliens. This is disrespectful to the millions of citizens who celebrate the holiday.