As one of the millions of people who have Generalized Anxiety Disorder, here is how I deal with panic attacks and I hope it can help you too.


Before comforting yourself by believing someone out there is made for you, there are some important factors to consider.


Everyone likes to be loved a different way. We need to focus on loving our partners the way they like to be loved, not the way we do.

How do a liberal woman and conservative man make a relationship work when their beliefs are polar opposites?

One of the most common criticisms of marijuana is that it makes you lazy. However, smoking weed and being productive are not mutually exclusive.

There is little hope the United States would ever put the environment above its materialistic cravings, yet it’s the main reason the planet’s days are numbered.

As power dynamics in America shift, racial minorities need to be wary of going from discriminated against to being the discriminators.

Whether or not there is a genuine connection between hormones and stereotypes of women, the ever-present lack of equality will never be justifiable.

Sports are designed to show who is the best at a specific athletic event. But, is it okay to put a transgender woman against a cisgender woman?

The sex-positivity movement encourages sexual exploration and normalization, but that doesn't mean every form of sex is everyone's cup of tea.


The trap of relying on convenient food can be broken out of by managing the tradeoffs that come with cooking.

The creation of a fake university by ICE just to deport immigrants who came here with a legal visa to study in the United States? This seems obscenely backwards and racist.

It's easy to feel like the friend in the group who is always there to help everyone else out without getting any help or advice in return. How do you lend a hand to others when no one else wants to help you? Charlie answers with hopes of assisting this emotional vacancy.

When a relationship is making you feel trapped, sometimes it seems like there is no way out. Understanding you are not alone and that your feelings and importance comes first is the key to maneuvering your way out.


People claim that society has come a long way throughout the years, but it hasn’t reflected in our elected officials or in political legislation, which is what really matters.

If PETA focused on what they claim to stand for rather than trying to go viral for the wrong reasons, the world might be a better place.

When a romantic relationship is born, friendships can easily fall by the wayside. Being caught in a happy bubble of love can cause a person to ghost on everyone else in their life. Charlie has been on both sides of this situation, and this is how he feels about it.

Divas just want a lipstick that's going to stay in place without breaking the bank. These two products might be the answer to the smudging, flaking lipstick let down.


Many people discover a special someone during their time in college, but is it best for them to tie the knot? Charlie gives his views on the right time to be wed.

Sometimes, people say one thing when they really mean another. Sometimes, people you think are your friends have nothing but selfish intentions. What does Charlie suggest when it comes to dealing with fake people?

Socialism is a hot-button word which is thrown around constantly, but do we really know what socialism is?

Emotional cheating is often said to be worse than physically cheating on a partner. When a person has an innocent attraction toward someone who isn't their partner, where is the line drawn?