The search for justice, while often glorified, can be deadly and painful. Survivors deserve to be heard and survive telling their experiences to the world.

Spreading awareness is helpful, but there is an easy way to truly contribute and be an activist. Buy Black. 

Privilege impacts who is listened to in the fight against climate change. Minorities are ignored by mainstream media and the government. Yet, they tend to have the strongest connection and most knowledge about nature.

Lately, the news has covered large outbreaks of COVID-19 among college students due to the false idea among younger people that they would never get it or will be fine if they do. Unfortunately, this is far from the truth as many students have contracted the virus.

After the Broadway musical “Hamilton” was released on Disney+,  a wave of criticism erupted among the public against its diverse representation, the portrayal of the United States’ founding fathers and how it turned a blind eye to slavery. 


Toxic masculinity and intolerance of women keep men from understanding the true meaning of feminism. Women have always been fighting for equal opportunity and pay, not for supremacy. 


It is unacceptable and illogical that any group fighting for equality would ever exclude transgender people. We must make room for the discussion of transgender discrimination in all spaces. 


Students choosing not return to the @NAU campus may feel they are missing out on many experiences. However, they may be the ones with long-term advantage. Students should consider the positives of being home during this semester's classes.

Tennessee passed a bill that will revoke the voting rights of protesters and increase punishments. Not only is this a violation of the United States Constitution, it also demonizes protesters by predetermining their path to prison.

2020 has seen many social injustices. Performative activists have gotten comfortable pretending to care about these topics for their own personal gain. Disingenuous activists are often just as problematic as the injustice they claim to combat.

Our next president will have a fair share of work to do in order to put our planet on the right track after Trump’s presidency. Nonetheless, it is important and urgent work that we should be eager to see done as a country.

Reading is more beneficial than it seems. The consequences of refraining from this powerful past time can be severe.

Democratic vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris is more than qualified for the role. Her critics unfairly focus on her controversial past rather than the efforts she has made to change.


The @USPS is underfunded and experiencing further cuts. This poses a risk to the stability that the post office is known for and the use of mail-in-ballots during the upcoming presidential election.

Trigger warning: Sexual abuse. Survivors deserve comfort after coming out with their stories, not cross examination from millions online. The writer has used an alias to protect their identity.

Sexual expression and confidence is something that should not be looked down upon. The double standard of expectations, when it comes to gendered sexuality, belongs in the past.

Offering in-person classes may still pose a threat to students and faculty even with new regulations.

Working in #retail definitely has its ups and downs. As an aspiring journalist, I couldn’t help but catalog the oddest and most notable interactions I encountered at my summer job.

While a remote internship wasn't a part of my summer plans, I soon realized working from home was a blessing in disguise. Saving money, earning credit, gaining professional experience and bringing my dog to work every day was the best kind of internship I could have.

Although sending and receiving nudes can be a fun part of dating, the experience is not the same for everyone. In fact, sending nudes without proper consent can lead to harassment.

For many corporations, Pride Month is a way for them to make millions off of rainbow decorated products. However, when June ends, they are quick to abandon the community they happily benefited from

As someone who works in the travel industry, I acknowledge that traveling is fun, but now, travel is more dangerous than ever before, especially in Arizona.


How my journey wearing makeup has gone from a way to cover some insecurities to a way to demand representation in the beauty industry.