A dangerous college acceptance letter

Illustration by Colton Starley

The Department of Homeland Security admitted publicly in January to creating a fake university in a Detroit suburb called the University of Farmington solely to target undocumented immigrant students trying to stay in the United States.

The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has arrested 161 foreign nationals at the University of Farmington in Farmington Hills, Michigan, on immigration violations, according to the Detroit Free Press.

Our administration's hate toward immigrants is obscenely disgusting and absurd that it has come to this extremity.

There seems to be no valid reason for the amount of adversity that immigrants in the United States have gone through over the last three years with the Trump administration’s hateful legislation that has been introduced.

First was the unconstitutional travel ban against mainly Muslim people, then the never-ending controversy over the wall, which will negatively impact Native Americans who own land on the border more so than it would actually impact illegal immigration from Mexico.

And now with this ill-intentioned scheme by ICE to indict immigrant students, the amount of effort that this administration has put into non-threatening immigration in the U.S. has taken attention away from a variety of much more important domestic issues.

According to PBS, the crisis is 44 million people in this country being without health insurance.

Then according to ICE’s side of the story, there is a national security emergency of foreigners moving to the U.S. on student visas and illegally overstaying by consciously transferring to fake universities to obtain work permits through them, which is fraud.

When looking at this case of the current U.S. administration proving once again that they have racist intentions in making it as difficult as possible to immigrate to the U.S., it’s safe to assume that some of the immigrants have a very different story to tell.

ICE, along with many other government agencies, has a reputation of not being quick to release factual information, and in this case, the information would have to prove whether or not the immigrant students came to the University of Farmington with the intention of getting an education or actually having malicious intentions of committing fraud.

Because of this, and considering that the university was not being obviously marketed as fake, it is very possible that the immigrant students with government mandated visas are actually committing immigration fraud because they attended a fake university institution that they thought was real, which would become fraud without intent.

Of the 130 students who have been arrested this year, the majority of them were citizens of India. According to BBC, “Indian officials say the students may have been duped, but the US government denies this, saying students knowingly enrolled in a fake institution for the visa benefits.”

Even if this is the case, why wouldn’t the government first try to shut down the initial fake institutions used for fraudulent work permits, the ones that weren’t set up as a sting operation tricking immigrants, rather than going after its students first?

This situation proves to me that the system is beyond broken.

The American dream has been dead for a long time, however, when instances like this happen from the administration it makes it more obvious just how much this country hates immigrants for no good reason.

The U.S. should be more welcoming to people trying to make a better life for themselves, especially students who have innocent intentions of getting a U.S. education and making a life for themselves under the facade of the American dream.