Ask Charlie

Thanks to the reader who submitted this question:

"How do you deal with people who are fake to your face and who you know are lying to you?"

For this question, I feel there are two possible situations. One — you're around this person or these people often, or two — you only encounter them from time to time and are trying to figure out how to deal with the situation.

Simply put, If you don't value the friendship, then you don't need to deal with the fakeness. I've dealt with my fair share of fake people, and it took me a long time to realize that I don't need to surround myself with people who aren't going to be genuine toward me. If they're not going to reciprocate what I put into the relationship, then I don't need to maintain the relationship.

I do know that, sometimes, you work with people that you can't get away from, but I've found that even in work situations, you don't need to be friends with everyone.

If you are friends with a faker, then you should call them out on what they're doing wrong, because at that point you're no longer allowing them the opportunity to be fake to you.

One last thing: State only the facts. If you know they said one thing to you a couple days before and are now saying something completely different, then tell them. Many times, fakers will come up with an excuse for the change and will expect you to believe them. If you don't believe them, tell them. Later, you can reevaluate the relationship and determine if it’s worth fighting over.

All in all, a person who is real true will keep it that way with you. If not, then perhaps they aren't worth your time.