Biden is a problematic nominee

Illustration by Aleah Green

Voting for democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden is a danger to the safety of our country. His inappropriate behavior toward women and the lack of coherence in his speech should be red flags to the American people that he isn't fit for the role of United States president.

This year's presidential election is possibly going to be even more interesting to see than the previous one, as Biden and current President Donald Trump will start debating one another. This match-up comes after recent democratic candidates, such as Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and Pete Buttigieg, suspended their campaigns or dropped from the race.

I do not support Biden or Trump. I think both men are unfit to be president. I think their similar behavior is like that of a creepy uncle you would avoid at a family gathering. The creepy uncles of the world are not who we want holding executive power over our nation. Yet, we find ourselves having to pick between two far-from-perfect men to lead us for the next four years.

In 1991, in a confirmation hearing of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, Anita Hill vocalized concerning allegations of harassment at the hands of Thomas. Biden was the Senate Judiciary Committee chairman and allowed Thomas to testify before Hill. Hill had two other women who could have testified toward her claims, but Biden didn’t allow these people to bring forth their own experiences. Instead, Hill testified as a lone voice, resulting in Thomas being confirmed and walking free from charges.

Recently, Biden has been accused of sexual assault by Tara Reade. At the time of the alleged assault in 1993, Biden was a senator and Reade was his staff assistant. Reade asserted that Biden pinned her to a wall and reached under her dress to sexually assault her.

This isn't the first time in recent years that Biden has been accused of inappropriate behavior toward women. In 2019, an article from The Intelligencer wrote that several women came out with their own encounters with Biden, and they found his behavior harassing.

Just like the injustice and lack of respect toward Hill, Biden doesn't seem to think his own actions should be addressed. He turned his back on these women. He has apologized to Hill but it doesn't seem like he will admit his guilt toward the women coming against him.

Biden helped pass the 1994 Violence Against Women Act, which helps fund investigations and the prosecution of violent crimes against women. However, his actions and the allegations brought against him make it obvious that he doesn't truly care about the pursuit of justice for women.

How can Biden be held in greater respect than our current president when his actions against women are just as bad or even worse. The media needs to give more attention to Biden's past and the women who he’s reportedly harassed before we decide to vote him into the Oval Office.

Another overlooked factor in the evaluation of Biden's ability to successfully fulfill his duty as president, if elected, is his age. He’s 77 years old. Trump is 73, and former presidents Bill Clinton and Barrack Obama were the youngest in the past 5 presidencies at 46 and 47 respectively. Sanders is 78. Biden's cognitive ability to think and speak is concerning many people. Biden is notorious for speaking about a personal anecdote and then stray off-topic into a ramble that leads nowhere.

An article by Jacobin highlights some of Biden's recent mistakes, gaffes and slip-ups. The article consists of a compilation of quotes from Biden sayings, such as, “poor kids are just as bright and talented as white kids,” “we hold these truths to be self-evident: all men and women created by the, go, you know the, you know the thing”, and “we choose truth over facts.”

One theory as to what makes it hard for Biden to speak is that maybe he has a stuttering problem, this is simply what I have been able to tell as a viewer. That could be an answer as to why he struggles to formulate a thought properly. This isn't the case though. In 2012, Biden was praised for dominating against former Speaker of the House of Representatives Paul Ryan during a vice presidential debate. Biden used to be described as confident, composed, funny and alert when he spoke in public. Nowadays, his campaign makes a concerted effort to limit his exposure to prevent the likelihood of verbal slip-ups.

Much like Trump, it seems both men are being questioned on their cognitive stability and how that affects their decision making.

Before voting in this year's election, it's imperative that people know about the candidate they are voting for. Biden is a hypocrite and a predator who has taken advantage of women because of his role in politics. His old age is concerning and his cognitive ability is making people question if his health is even worse than Trump's.