Biden will trump Trump

Illustration by Blake Fernandez

Sen. Bernie Sanders announced the suspension of his campaign in the presidential race earlier this month. Since then, an apathetic attitude has swept through much of the younger parts of the nation.

The hashtag #BernieorBust trended on Twitter for days following his announcement and many young voters poured their hearts out online to display exactly how invested they had been in Sander's presidential campaign.

Rather than declaring their allegiance to former Vice President Joe Biden, many have stated that they will vote for a green party candidate or, alternatively, they won’t be voting at all.

Now is the time to fight to improve the country, not pout in the corner out of pride.

News outlets and big-name publications like NBC News and The Washington Post have since debated on whether or not they believe Biden has what it takes to beat President Donald Trump.

I believe that Biden stands a chance against Trump in this coming election. Not only because of the numbers he has pulled thus far from the polls, but also because he has a familiar name and face.

If anything has been discussed in depth throughout this entire campaign so far, it’s the impact that a memorable name and face have on a person’s vote.

Additionally, Biden has polled extraordinarily well against Trump and has gained endorsements from both Sanders and former President Barack Obama.

"Despite having gone through President Donald Trump’s impeachment ringer, former Vice President (and presumptive Democratic nominee) Joe Biden has never been down to Trump in the polling averages the entire primary — and is frequently up by double-digit margins, nationally," according to an NBC News article.

Biden has proven that he can gather, number-wise, what it takes to beat Trump.

NBC News also noted that in 2016, Trump clinched voters who were opposed to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton by 17 points, and now, Biden is winning those people over by 30-plus points.

This does not mean that the presidency will be handed to Biden on a silver platter — only half the battle is over.

Yet, Biden's performance in this race is undeniably promising so far. He has battled Trump consistently throughout the race and will likely continue to do so as Trump's nationwide approval rate goes down over his controversial handling of the COVID-19 pandemic.

As of April 15, the polling website FiveThirtyEight records his approval rating at 44.4% and his disapproval rating at 51.4%.

Undoubtedly, the nation has been exposed further to Trump's aptness to scold the press rather than address the situation at hand.

Many people have posted their testimonies explaining how they, as die-hard Republicans, will no longer be supporting Trump in the upcoming election because of his behavior during an unprecedented time. In turn, it will lead to more Biden supporters.

The New York Times published an article in March on the final debate between Biden and Sanders and pointed out that Biden's energy was surprising, refreshing and gave his supporters a glimmer of hope for his future performances in debates against Trump.

It was in this debate that Biden officially voiced his promise to choose a female vice president. It was perhaps the most unforgettable moment to take place on the stage.

This, strategically, will only end up helping him further, as every woman hopes to one day see a strong female presence in charge of the United States. Now the question is who will be claiming that spot. Some speculate Sen. Elizabeth Warren or Sen. Kamala Harris will join Biden on the ballot.

Nonetheless, Joe Biden's campaign has demonstrated nothing short of greatness on the trail. I believe that the numbers he's pulled so far have given the country a beacon of hope.

Also, if a person identifies as a democrat and would rather not vote, or vote in favor of the opposition, it shows more about their faulty loyalty to the party than anything.

Biden has a promising future on the campaign trail and has made a hefty promise to women everywhere regarding his pick for vice president. This has given the American people something to believe in.

After all, if anyone has proven their ability to make America great again, so far, it has been Biden.