I’m sure the majority of college students are familiar with the infamous booty call. The most common form comes in a text message at some ungodly hour: “You up?”

This type of engagement may be ideal for the single and sexually frustrated, but those who are no longer in the market for sex-only relationships, it is just another menace to block from your inbox.

In the rare case that I am up and read this type of message, I will ignore it almost every single time. I’m no longer interested in succumbing to a man’s horny desires, let alone getting out of bed past midnight.

Maybe I’m being my own party pooper, but I see it as being considerate. I’d rather not waste my time and theirs for a booty call that will never progress into anything else.

I have, however, continued some of these relations past their expiration date, because the possibility of a relationship lingered in my head. I thought maybe I was the lucky one — that I’d be the one to end the serial booty caller’s streak.

But alas, I was not.

The truth of the matter is that I probably wasn’t their first booty call, and I certainly was not their last.

Serial booty callers are going to continue their habits until they are forced to an end. That end could be a relationship, but most likely not one that formed with one of their intimate partners.

I’ve rarely heard of couples forming after casually hooking up, and I don’t believe those relationships would be successful, despite once wanting that for myself.

Booty calls are based on physical attraction and can end as quickly as they begin. That’s why forming a relationship with a strictly sexual partner could be chaotic from start to finish.

The foundation of these types of relationships is sex and sexual attraction. While this may be important to some, it shouldn’t be the basis of a relationship.

Relationships should be formed from commonalities and quality time outside the bedroom. You may think you know someone based on their bedsheets and toilet paper choices, but that means nothing if you can’t even wave to each other on campus.

If you’re confused about whether or not your booty call will progress into something more, or if you’ve never seen them in the daylight, it’s probably time to move on.