Drake disrespect will not be tolerated

Illustration by Aleah Green

Camp Flog Gnaw is a music festival created and hosted by Tyler, the Creator that has been happening annually since 2012. Tyler was a member of rap collective Odd Future and a flamboyant personality on Adult Swim's TV show "Loiter Squad." He has assembled a massive following of fans that support his music and fashion releases faithfully.

This past Sunday, Camp Flog Gnaw took place in Los Angeles, California, and the lineup of performers was available to the public for months. Sunday's headliner was listed as a surprise, who many Odd Future fans speculated was longtime Tyler collaborator, Frank Ocean.

To the surprise of many, it was Drake. To the surprise of me, he was greeted with a shower of boos and angry, delusional concertgoers who mentally created a false narrative, actually convincing themselves it was a reality. Guys, unfortunately, Frank was never coming.

The whole point of the secret guest was to conclude the festival with a bang, full of radiant energy from a crowd who is privileged enough to even have the opportunity of Drake surprising them. Everyone and their mother can recite at least a few Drake songs verbatim.

It's OK to go with the mainstream, Flower Boys. Nobody is too good for "Controlla," "Best I Ever Had" or "All Me."

Let's not pretend like Drake does not have a discography of endless hits and billions of streams on Apple Music and Spotify. Tyler went out of his way to book Drake and he was actually enjoying the performance as part of the audience until people started a mob-mentality chant that eventually forced the Canadian rapper to stop his set early and exit the stage.

If the delusional Frank freaks were as big of fans as they claim to be, they would have been smart enough to accept that the likelihood of Frank performing at a festival is quite low. He is a true unicorn, an evasive singer who only emerges on very special occasions and usually by surprise.

To the people who booed Drake, why ruin a good performance for the rest of the crowd who actually wanted to see him? And to those who joined the swarm of jeers of anger, booing Drake was never going to summon Frank Ocean to Dodger Stadium. As many times as "We want Frank" was chanted, I promise he wouldn't have come.

Seriously, what were these people trying to accomplish? The festival ended on a negative note, and Tyler's fans now look like spoiled brats who throw fits when things don't go their way.

Tyler even went on an expletive-infused Twitter tirade, sounding off on Camp Flog Gnaw attendees for misrepresenting him and his festival, and making its associates look "entitled and trash." I agree with him wholeheartedly.

However, I understand the fan's dissatisfaction to an extent. Not everyone is a radical Drake fanatic, I included. I do appreciate his music, and I am aware that he is a force in the music world as a consistent hit-maker. His discography has something for everyone. I'll even occasionally hear my auntie humming the words to "No Guidance" featuring Chris Brown.

Sure, he is not exactly who one might have guessed Tyler would include in the festival. So what? At least be grateful for the opportunity to see a musical giant go out of his way to appear in a rare festival setting. Attendees got much more than what they paid for with Drake surprising them, as well as A$AP Rocky and Lil Uzi Vert. Drake ticket prices are absurd, so these people should feel lucky.

Tyler and Drake did something nice for Camp Flog Gnaw attendees. The least you could do is sit back and enjoy the show. Drake is talented, and he would have given his all into his set. He handled the negative response like a professional and thanked the crowd for the opportunity. He also took a playful jab at his critics on Instagram, joking that he signed a 10 year residency to return to the festival.

I am certain that millionaire Drake is not losing any sleep over taunts from high school kids who wear orange beanies and cuffed overalls during summer. All of these Frank Ocean die-hard fans will soon realize how foolish they were to attack a sought-after artist simply for being named Drake and not Frank.

Do better next year, Camp Flog Gnaw attendees.