Co-hosts of the “Call Her Daddy” podcast, Alex Cooper and Sofia Franklyn empower women in their sexuality through comedy while embracing taboo conversations.

“Call Her Daddy” is a sex and relationship podcast that is gaining attention from college students and young adults everywhere. Cooper and Franklyn talk openly about their personal sexual and dating experiences.

The podcast is appealing to college students because of the topics Cooper and Franklyn discuss. They share their experiences with hook-ups and navigating the dating scene.

On first listen, “Call Her Daddy” is shocking for its raunchy discussions. The first time I listened to the podcast, Cooper and Franklyn instantly grabbed my attention with their topics.

The main purpose of “Call Her Daddy” is to entertain listeners, but hearing two women talk freely about female sexuality is empowering.

Under the humor and behind the topics of sex and dating, Cooper and Franklyn portray the message that women should feel confident in their sexuality. They take a comedic approach to topics that may seem taboo in some situations. This tells listeners they are not alone in thinking about certain topics that they may not be talking about with their friends. “Call Her Daddy” is a sex-positive platform that does not shy away from stigmatized topics.

“Call Her Daddy” is a new age way of reclaiming femininity through media. Instead of women being sexualized without their consent, they are being sexual on their own terms.

Women having an open conversation about sexual topics that are not usually seen in the media is refreshing. The podcast is described by the co-hosts as being a locker room conversation by women.

We need more media attention about this podcast, and more mainstream media, in general, that empowers females to reclaim their sexuality.

Even though some of the situations discussed may strike some as vulgar, these are topics that are usually not talked about freely, which is unfair. Cooper and Franklyn state that women should not be ashamed of being sexually active. Not everybody is used to having an open conversation about sex. “Call Her Daddy” gives women leverage to feel confident with the topic of female sexuality through the use of comedy.

With the increasing popularity of podcasts, “Call Her Daddy” stands out because of the real and raw advice it gives listeners. The lighthearted tone gives a sense of familiarity with topics that often take people out of their comfort zone. Cooper and Franklyn are always transparent and speak their minds.