It's a little too late to impeach

Illustration by Aleah Green

Donald Trump: President of the United States and No. 1 enemy for the liberal community.

Ever since his election in 2016, liberals have been trying to do everything in their power to get President Trump out of office. To this day, there are still ads on some YouTube videos that ask for online signatures to impeach the sitting president.

As of right now, there are 586 days left until the next election. Nov. 3, 2020 should be the goal for the left to get Trump out of office.

Even then, there is still a chance all of the Trump haters out there having to deal with another four years of “hell” — when, in retrospect, he really hasn’t been that bad of a president, which is hard for some to see. Sorry, it’s the truth.

One example of how he has been successful so far during his presidency includes the dialogue he has opened with North Korea in an attempt to stop their production of nuclear weapons.

Also, the unemployment percentage in this country has dropped to around 3.9%, which is the lowest it has been since 2000. Over 3 million new jobs have been created since Trump was elected president. You could say those numbers are pretty good so far.

Trump has also made it very clear that there is a biased, agenda-pushing media that will say whatever they can, even if it is untrue, in order to keep viewers. We’ve all heard the fake news talk. It is a very real thing we should be aware of.

I’ll admit, he does say some outrageous stuff that we have never seen from a president. That is just because he was a businessman and not a politician when he ran for office. But, I will agree he’s over the top at times.

The president also has to do something wrong to be impeached, which Trump has not done. You may not like what has happened and how he has changed the country, but that is not illegal.

The last hope the left had to impeach Trump at this point in time was the alleged collusion with Russia in order to rig the election controversy.

Well, the report written by Robert Mueller says that this was false and never took place. At the time we have not seen the whole report, but based on many sources this is what was found to be true. Another swing and another miss for the liberals.

The left just needs to realize that their time will come when they could attempt to retake the oval office with another Democrat. But for now, all they should be doing is preparing for that time.

Just sit back, relax and realize that you still live in the greatest country in the world.