Earlier this month, American YouTube sensation Logan Paul entered the boxing ring once again with Olajide William Olatunji, also known as KSI, a famed British YouTuber. The two have been public enemies for over a year now and decided to hash it out in the ring for the second time after their first fight in August 2018 was ruled a draw.

However, the fight was marketed as “America vs. Britain” and painted Paul as an all-American warrior.

This took me by surprise, because Paul isn’t anywhere close to even a half-decent representation of America and its values. His actions speak louder than his words.

Paul has never been the best influence for his audience, which mostly consists of younger teens and children. Paul’s irrational and impulsive decisions weren’t on full display until his video in the Aokigahara Japanese forest, also referred to as the suicide forest, surfaced.

In the video, Paul and his friends are seen in the Aokigahara forest at the base of Mount Fuji, which is known to be a frequent site of suicides, according to the BBC. The friends find and continue to film a dead body, and even make jokes at the expense of the man, who appears to have hanged himself. Paul then decided to upload the video to YouTube, where he has over 19 million subscribers.

Paul eventually deleted the video and uploaded an apology video, in which he claims he was “trying to raise awareness about mental health.” Of course, this only led to more outrage online, and users pushed for his YouTube account to be taken down.

This incident has made him perhaps the most controversial and disliked YouTuber since the platform began. Many of the brand deals he had were immediately cut, and he lost millions of followers.

About a week later he was, once again, under fire for filming the tasing of a dead rat. He and his crew were chuckling throughout the act.

Over a year later with one boxing match under his belt, he is suddenly representing America. Not only is this extremely misleading for boxing fans who don’t know of him and his scandals, but it prompts the audience to consider exactly what kind of people are allowed to represent the country as a whole.

I understand that it may have been a simple publicity tactic to broaden his audience, but it’s also dangerous to openly claim such an indecent and inconsiderate person as the face of a country.

The rematch has been blasted all over social media since it was announced last year. KSI and Paul were publicly physical and verbally explicit at all of the press conferences. Paul’s trainer, retired professional boxer Shannon Briggs, also joined in on the foolishness when he threw a punch at a KSI fan and attempted to hit KSI’s trainer after the final weigh-in for the fight.

During the fight, Paul illegally held KSI down while repeatedly punching him and then continued to swing while he was down. The referee told the judges to take away two points from Paul after that round, which pushed Paul and his supporters to claim the referee was being unfair.

Consistent unprofessionalism and all-around ridiculous behavior were displayed by Paul and his crew throughout the months leading up to the fight. He has consistently displayed his childish tendencies, which he will barely be able to recover from.

Spoiler alert: the winner, by split decision, was KSI. I was rooting for him because of my personal distaste for Paul. Still, the drama did not stop after the fight.

Other celebrities who were present even roped themselves into the drama after the fight, one of whom was Justin Bieber, who was there in support of his close friend, Paul. Upon the announcement of the results, Bieber blocked KSI and all his friends on social media.

Paul is a very poor representation of what a decent human being should be, much less America’s ultimate boxing champion.

Don’t allow inadequate people to represent an entire population, who can’t even tolerate these people.