Other students’ educations shouldn’t affect mine

Illustration By Madison Cohen

On a university campus, many would think the priority is the students’ education. Opportunities to succeed are given to students across the range of majors. With recent budget cuts possibly attributed to lower enrollment, it seems that some students have been put on the backburner.

One department currently experiencing budget cuts is the Media Innovation Center in the School of Communication. NAZ Today, the student news broadcast, has gone from hosting four live shows per week to just two.

NAZ Today gives students an opportunity to see and experience how a news broadcast works through scripting, filming and editing. By trimming down the number of days it is produced, the university is limiting opportunities for students to get involved.

While I am not personally involved with NAZ Today, I am involved within the Media Innovation Center. It concerns me that there could possibly be future budget cuts to student-run organizations.

I have been involved with The Lumberjack since my first semester at NAU and without this opportunity I’d have close to no professional experience in journalism by the time I graduate. It has given me stability, a network and a chance to share and develop my passion.

Without the paper, I’m not sure if I would be so confident about my future post-graduation. This is why we need opportunities like these for students. They are able to hone their skills and accomplish things they may not have without them.

By the time I graduate, I will have almost four years of experience working for a student-run media organization with dozens of pieces published. This is a strong portfolio that both graduate schools and employers look for in potential candidates.

I am fortunate enough that the paper hasn’t taken any hits in my tenure, but no student should have to worry about a lack of opportunities while in college.

It is unknown what else could suffer over the course of time given the possibility of budget cuts expanding. It is not uncommon for universities to take budget cuts to their media programs. One cut leads to another, and suddenly there could be nothing.

Opportunities for involvement should not be a token occurrence. I am in college to further my education and many other students could say the same. It should be my right to get involved and gain experience in my field, not a privilege.

STEM majors have research projects, hotel and restaurant management have field work and I have the Media Innovation Center.

With the recent cuts, it makes me wonder where the money has gone. Is the lack of opportunity creating plentiful ones for others? Although this is unconfirmed it throws up a major red flag for me.

Are the funds going toward another department to enhance experiences and opportunities for others? While every student deserves the chance to get involved, I shouldn’t be affected by it.

I want to be able to graduate knowing I took advantage of every resource and opportunity I could. This should not be limited to some majors or students. Everyone should hope they have done something to further themselves in their career or education by the time they graduate.

Students attend a university to pursue their dreams. Those dreams should have no limitations or boundaries on campus. We all deserve to enhance our skills. I don’t want to see another student’s education negatively affecting my own.