Perhaps due to the presence of social media, bare minimum effort in relationships is idolized.

The unnecessary hyping up of simple, helpful tasks leads one to believe the standards of what makes a good relationship have been lowered to the point of making modern relationships seem ridiculous.

Tweets about how someone wants to marry their partner just because they did the dishes are not nearly as uncommon as one would think.

It should be an expectation for one’s partner to help around the house by splitting up the tasks that need to be done. If the two people in the relationship share a space, then it is the responsibility of both people to maintain the cleanliness of the space.

It should also be an expectation for one’s significant other to support them emotionally and offer ways to be in touch with their partner's love language.

Therefore, if someone has all of the traits one is looking for, then there should be no further discussion as to whether or not they are fulfilling each other's emotional needs. It should just be an expectation.

On Twitter, this community of people is commonly referred to as "bare minimum Twitter." Bare minimum Twitter is unafraid to flaunt the most basic actions their significant other does for them, and it is infuriating.

I have seen a person on Twitter praise their significant other for giving them direct eye contact. Since when did the most basic human function become worthy of setting a bar?

It is OK to appreciate someone’s complete attention, but this glorification of a social expectation seems as though the loved one is a partner-in-training, much like a puppy rather than a functioning piece of the relationship.

A person going into a relationship must know their own standards and not bend them at any cost. No one should be bargaining their happiness simply because they’re tired of being single.

As cliche as it sounds, a person should have a bare minimum level of love and respect for themselves before committing to a long-term relationship.

In relationships, there are usually two people involved and both people deserve an equal amount of affection and respect.

As a person who is in a three-year relationship with my high school sweetheart, I can admit our relationship hasn’t always been sunshine and rainbows because I refuse to allow my standards to fall to nothingness. I have certain expectations of my partner, like contributing to a fair amount of chores or texting me throughout the day. Relationships should never be one-sided.

To me, it seems as though people are afraid to get bashed by society because they want something out of their significant other that may make them seem needy and unrealistic. Thus, resulting in frivolous, rock-bottom standards being set.

Living afraid is not truly living.

It’s no one’s business knowing what someone’s standards are. However, standards are meant to be worth more than someone holding the door and giving direct eye contact.

Don’t be afraid to look for the traits and characteristics in a partner that bare minimum society deems unrealistic. Love is love, and you deserve to raise the bar when it comes to sharing your heart and life with someone, even if those standards seem excessive or unattainable to the modern lover.