Royal diligence and a new progressive role

Illustration by Christian Ayala

The Royal Family’s reputation of sticking to tradition has come to a sudden end with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Prince Harry of Sussex and Duchess Meghan Markle announced their decision to split their time between North America and the United Kingdom, and to stop carrying out royal duties effective immediately.

For some background, Britain is in the middle of exiting the European Union (EU) and will be making a transition to complete independence from the other 27 countries. The matter has been appropriately named Brexit.

The shocking announcement from the royals created a surge of online disputes and the matter was slapped with the hashtag “Megxit.”

From the conflict across multiple social media platforms, two opposing arguments for the debate were formed. One of the arguments is supportive of the Sussex’s decision to become independent from royal life. The other is against their decision to “step back from royal duties.”

The British press was shocked. Prince Harry and Meghan’s actions were described as “selfish” and “rogue.” The Daily Mirror even went as far as to write, “Well, good riddance.”

I support Prince Harry and Meghan in their decision to take the first historical steps toward a life of self-determination. I am in further support of Meghan herself, as she has been put through many media trials during her time as a senior member of the Royal Family.

The life the Royal Family leads is taxing. Princess Diana drilled that nail in during some of her final interviews.

Especially with the power of the media, life as a royal can be grueling, which is a gross understatement for the trials that Meghan has been put through. Ever since Meghan and Prince Harry began dating, the media has been nothing short of brutal to her.

An online article from Buzzfeed displays headlines that compare Meghan to Kate Middleton. In the article, an example mentions how Middleton is praised for cradling her baby bump and Meghan is shamed for doing the same action. The article goes on with 19 more absurd examples.

Although Meghan and Prince Harry have several reasons for choosing to leave royal life, the media coverage alone unveils a deeper disdain for Meghan from the public eye.

Since day one, Meghan has been harassed over every single tiny detail. The royals and the press have now successfully gotten her out of the U.K. However, as collateral, they’ve also driven the beloved Prince Harry out of the country.

Perhaps if the British press could consider the communities of color that read their articles, this announcement would’ve come to them as much less of a shock.

Comments in a New York Times article describe Meghan as “(almost) straight outta Compton” and being “exotic” have all added layers of proof pointing toward their racist reasoning for pummeling her with vile words ever since she set foot in the U.K.

Prince Harry still supports Meghan and through this they are choosing to do good, while being withdrawn from their royal duties.

The Daily Express, a popular British tabloid, quoted Meghan and Prince Harry’s statement, which explained that their decision to split as “senior” members of the Royal Family will allow them to work toward financial independence while raising their son, Archie, and launching their new charitable entity.

Despite all the gossip, the couple is stronger than ever.

There has been recent news of Meghan possibly contributing voice-over work with Disney and putting her work toward the notable charity organization, Elephants Without Borders.

The two have proven to be a very strong team. Prince Harry has always been there for his wife, and Meghan consistently chooses to do good in spite of all the negative press surrounding her.

All they deserve now is support and praise for their perseverance and optimism for the new philanthropic path they’ve decided to pave. The Royal Family is a toxic environment and the decision to cut ties was very wise.