Saying goodbye to PillowTalk

As we enter 2021, many changes are occurring around us. We are ushering in a new school year, president of the United States, way of living and a vaccine that could potentially put an end to the virus that seemingly controlled most of 2020. It is fitting that with all of these fresh starts, The Lumberjack shares one as well.

Starting with our next issue, a new weekly column will be replacing PillowTalk. The Brief will fill PillowTalk’s spot on your pages for the foreseeable future. Before we jump into The Brief, a goodbye is due to the column that has been a steady presence on the Opinion section’s pages for years. 

In 2018, Peggy Packer and Liz Wendel, former editors of the Opinion-Editorial section, crafted PillowTalk. They expressed goals to create a safe space to discuss the typically taboo topics of sex, love and relationships. For the past three years, The Lumberjack challenged the stigma of talking about sex in a professional publication. Writers and editors alike, including myself, have written stories that were often uncomfortable to share but that we felt our readers would relate to and enjoy reading. 

From the challenges of dating a member of Greek life as an outsider, to exploring sexuality, to the societal views and intricacies of interracial dating, PillowTalk has covered it all. If a reader felt discouraged about a lack of dating experience or alienated in an opinion regarding sex, they could turn to PillowTalk and find comfort knowing they are not alone. For a generation challenging the sexual beliefs of those before us, PillowTalk was extremely fitting. With the legalization of same-sex marriage and a move away from the slut-shaming of the past, a sex and relationship column was just what this paper needed. 

However, all good things eventually come to a close, and thus we start a new chapter at The Lumberjack we look forward to our readers enjoying. With that, I introduce to you the column I have had the pleasure of creating: The Brief. 

The Brief will bring you weekly opinion articles regarding current political happenings of the U.S. Democracy is a sacred privilege and institution, and there is much to be discussed as we delve into 2021 and the years to come. Whether a reader has political beliefs which fall to the right, left or somewhere in between, The Brief will have a story to spark thought. 

I hope to create a space for discussion of the things that really matter. This column will give our readers the opportunity to stay informed and find topics to debate regarding the political events or stances of the U.S. government. With the start of The Brief, I give you my baby and wish you happy reading!