Pillow Talk

It is disorienting to have discovered that sex trafficking and kidnapping are at an all-time high. According to an article by USA Today, “There are more than 4 million victims of sex trafficking globally. In its 2019 report, the United States State Department found the top three nations of origin for human trafficking victims were the U.S., Mexico and the Philippines. It does not break that figure down for sex trafficking alone.”

Upon the surfacing of disturbing and shocking Twitter videos of women crying out for help and some escaping from the trunks of cars recently, the demand for action to be taken has become a regular topic of conversation among people on all social media platforms.

It is vital that people understand that it is never the victim’s fault in these cases. Under no circumstances do women ask for it. No amount of clothing, no amount of makeup and no amount of femininity will ever express a woman asking to be whisked away into a living nightmare.

Due to this epidemic, women have resorted to creating weapons for self-defense. Some examples are pocketknives disguised as keys, lipstick stun guns and more.

Many shop owners on Etsy, which is a retail website that focuses on handmade and custom items from small businesses, have made highly decorated keychains that are disguised to not be an obvious weapon.

There are also many apps available, which can help ensure a bit more security. One example is “Noonlight,” formerly known as “SafeTrek,” which is free to download with a small monthly subscription fee. All one has to do is hold down the button until they feel safe. If one lets go of the button and doesn’t enter a pin number, the app will automatically contact the local police. The app is available for both iOS and Android devices.

It’s also important to know about safety tactics anyone can do in case they feel they may be in danger.

In the event that someone feels they are being followed, try to stay as calm as possible. It is much easier to think when the brain has time to process and pay attention to what is happening. Then, try to throw the follower off your track. If possible, getting to a public place may help to eradicate the situation completely.

No matter what, contact the police if possible.

Too often, women and children go missing and are never heard from again. The recurrence of women in specific areas disappearing is impossible to ignore.

Women have refused to be silent and compliant in this global epidemic of targeted violence. Sex trafficking and kidnapping have plagued the Earth for much too long.