Strain for success

Illustration by Kaylyn Dunn

Editors note: This story is written under an alias to protect the writer

There I am, left hand in a bag of barbecue-flavored Lays, right hand aimlessly scrolling through Hulu trying to find something mindless enough to watch. I barely even notice my untidy T-shirt or that my hair hasn’t been brushed in what looks like days.

Who am I? Well, I’m the lazy stoner.

Perhaps the most common stereotype for weed smokers is the lazy stoner who sits around all day doing nothing but smoking doobies and eating Ho Ho’s — or in my case, an entire pan of cornbread.

Like with any stereotype, there are stoners who fit this narrative and those who do not.

The idea that smoking weed destroys all ambitions and turns you into some lazy sack of potatoes is part of the reason that marijuana is so frowned upon in our society, and specifically, our state.

Part of the reason this stereotype is so common is because of the intense relaxation that marijuana can give you. Certain strains, specifically indica strains, can make you feel extremely at peace and calm — something that can often lead to spending the whole day in bed or on the couch.

However, this doesn’t mean that smoking weed in general makes you lazy.

From my experience, it is very possible to smoke weed recreationally and still handle all of your responsibilities and priorities. Smoking weed doesn’t have to interfere with your job or your classes. And the truth is, it won’t, unless you let it.

The way weed affects your productivity depends on you and your motives as a person.

If you smoke a joint with the intentions of being lazy and doing nothing but watching MTV all day, then that’s probably what you’ll do, and your productivity will be compromised.

But on the other hand, if you smoke a little bit while also keeping in mind that you have other responsibilities to take care of that day, it probably won’t get in the way of your other priorities.

It really comes down to two things: your own personal motivation and, obviously, your strain of choice.

As long as you are able to motivate yourself, even when high, weed really shouldn’t hinder your daily life. However, some strains can make it nearly impossible for you to get up and do something, especially depending on your tolerance and how much you’ve smoked.

I wouldn’t recommend sitting around smoking a blunt filled with some heavy indica strain on a day when you have tons of homework or a big presentation to do. Instead, save it for a day when you have less responsibilities and really can dedicate a whole day to binge watching some mediocre TV show.

Keeping an eye on the strain you’re smoking can help you to know if that smoke sesh will hinder your ability to be productive later on.

So, while smoking cannabis does have the potential to make you feel tired and demotivated, it doesn’t have to make you feel that way. And for most weed smokers, that really isn’t the case.

There are plenty of people out there who can go about their day-to-day life while still smoking weed recreationally. The two things are not mutually exclusive, and continuing to push this idea that stoners cannot be productive or ambitious human beings is harmful to people who sometimes just want to roll up and smoke a j.

Smoking weed doesn’t determine your work ethic. It’s possible to have good weed and good work ethic — just ask my straight As.