Streaming services are the new cable TV

Illustration by Brooke Berry

Don’t fall for the trickery streaming services use. The illusion of needing more than one streaming service is carefully painted by the companies who own the content consumers are trying to watch.

At the end of the month, everyone is essentially paying for cable, which is what these services were supposed to eliminate.

As a college student, streaming services are necessary for the brain to take a break. I only have Netflix and Hulu, and am content with the options available to me.

However, an outrageous amount of companies are starting up their own streaming services. This takes away the shows and movies they own from Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime Video, which are three of the most prominent streaming services available.

According to Forbes, a study showed that “among all users, 84% use Netflix, 46% use Amazon Prime and 28% use Hulu.” The article also stated that 39% of streamers are millennials, who are between 18 and 34 years old, and 42% are Generation X, which falls between 35 and 54 years old.

Quite possibly the worst thing about it all is that people are still paying for these services separately. College students are blinded, like moths to a flame, by the words “student discount.”

Considering most people have access to a Netflix account, the fact the company doesn’t offer a student discount is a bit of a punch to the stomach. Hulu and Amazon Prime both offer discounts, but when adding the cost for every streaming service a student may have, it is still a considerable amount of money to spend when the appeal of streaming services is that it is supposed to be cheaper than cable.

Now, I’m not one to believe in a monopolistic world. However, I think one mega streaming service that has all of the movies and shows people want to watch would be wonderful.

It was really the emergence of Disney’s new streaming service, Disney+, and the streaming service for Broadway musicals that crossed the line. Disney, a multibillion dollar company that many adore, is forcing the public to pay even more to watch movies and reminisce on their childhoods.

This is ridiculous. Life was great when Netflix was the head honcho, and everything anyone could want to watch was in one place.

Now, one must have two to three or more streaming services to watch all the movies and shows they desire.

Another article from Forbes states “the average American subscriber watches 3.4 services. For each one, they pay an average $8.53 per month. That would total a monthly bill of $29. That’s less than a third of the average monthly cable bill of $107.”

All in all, companies need to cool it with the release of new streaming services. No one asked for them, and very few people want to pay for them.