Pillow Talk

Summertime in a college town brings an abundance of summer flings to the surface. Flings come in all shapes, sizes and outcomes, so it’s important to consider this specific short-term relationship from all angles in order to know how to approach and thrive in this kind of relationship.

No two summer flings look alike. You may find yours on a dating app, they could be the kid who sat next to you in bio last semester or they could be one of your closest friends. The agreement can also be different in what they mean for the people involved in the relationship. Maybe the flingers go on dates but don’t meet each other’s friends. They could even be with other people simultaneously. They could also look and act like a serious relationship, but the flingers prefer to dub it a fling.

Navigating this topic can be difficult, so thinking about the possibilities surrounding a summer fling may help with knowing what you want from it and how to get there before flinging yourself into the deep end.

The essence of a fling implies a relationship on the more casual end — heavy on the romantic and sexual side, but holding out on a lot of the commitment.

Before flinging, it’s good to consider what you’re looking for. Is a lack of seriousness a pro or con in your book? These types of relationships can be seriously fun with their whirlwind tendencies, but tangling your hopes up with commitment can be a dangerous game. Be sure to talk to your partner and figure out what your fling means for both of you and tread carefully either way. If it’s a casual thing, make sure to distance your emotions enough to avoid catching feelings.

Finally, it’s crucial to consider the aftermath of your fling before getting into it with that person. Will you be cool seeing this person around campus after it is over? If you might be sad seeing them with someone else, maybe consider proposing something more serious. If you end up having a class with them come August, will it be awkward, friendly or completely normal? Weigh out all the ways your fling can end and decide from there if flinging with this person is really worth it.

That being said, these relationships have the potential to be your heaven or they could end up going very wrong. Understand your partner and what they want from this kind of relationship, and look at how things might end to see if the fling is really a good idea in the long run. Happy flinging!