Illustration by Diana Ortega

As the son of an educator, I see the struggles that teachers go through on a daily basis.

With every unfortunate injustice the world faces, teachers are one of the victims who suffer most, even though they only provide betterment to society. The education profession in the United States. does not deserve the punishment that legislatures have predetermined for them through limited funding, specifically with the number of budget cuts that have occurred recently in Arizona school districts.

Growing up with a mom who was also a teacher, I have seen throughout my life the hardships they face. For instance, teachers’ moods change tremendously, and often. One of the reasons for this is that they aren’t permitted a long enough lunch break because of a shortage of funding in the schools.

Some days, my mom only gets around 10 minutes for lunch. This also serves as her bathroom break for the whole day until she gets off.

This profession needs more help through staffing and tons more funding than the dishearteningly low numbers it currently sees. Expecting teachers to constantly work their butts off with little return will inevitably show in their mental health after the school day ends.

Educators come home with so much to get done in order to prepare for the next day of work. When my mom comes home from her teaching job, she goes straight to the office in our home so she can finish her lesson plans, create the handmade decorations for the classroom, respond to parent emails and much more.

These factors take a huge toll on the families of teachers, as a sacrifice of family time becomes normal for them. Sitting down for dinner is a rare luxury in our household due to how committed my mom is as a teacher.

From the personal experience of seeing my mom’s life consumed by her job, I stand very strongly in favor of the Red for Ed movement, which demands more funding to help provide students with the best education.

Teachers spend countless hours making sure their students are well cared for. They always go out of their way to make sure students receive the quality education they deserve without revealing their vulnerability.

In reality, teachers are put last not only in funding but also in the hearts of other people. Educators in this country deserve a high level of respect. For instance, teachers spend countless hours in the classroom making sure that everything is perfect for the first day of school.

They have kids who may have behavioral issues and get almost no help from others — not even their parents at home.

As these issues intensify, educators will drop from their jobs like flies. This will have detrimental impacts on the educational quality given to future generations. I always ground myself by considering where I would be today without the teachers who made a tremendous impact on my life.

Teachers deserve so much more than they are given in every aspect of their profession.