The identity crisis of two political parties

Politics is a topic that is talked about on a daily basis and results in debates and a lot of people disagreeing with each other. There have been changes to the two political powerhouses, Democrat and Republican, that would surprise us if we were only aware of their current beliefs.

Let me start with the Democratic Party.

According to the History Channel website, the Democratic Party is "the nation's oldest existing political party."

Not only is this the oldest party, but the south was dominated by Democrats during and shortly after the Civil War because they were against giving rights to African Americans.

That doesn't sound like today's Democrats at all. Actually, it sounds like the opposite of what they believe in now. This is possibly the main change in this party, but let me continue.

Playing off the first point that was made, the Democrats also wanted to keep slavery around. They opposed the idea of giving up the practice of slavery, which today can be said as one of, if not the worst, parts of this countries history.

Though it has been said that the Democratic Party is responsible for the formation of the Ku Klux Klan (KKK), that is untrue. The party itself might not have played a role in the foundation of the most notorious hate group this country has seen, but the members aligned themselves with the democratic party. It is hard to believe that this is what the Democratic Party used to be.

Let’s now take a look at the Republicans.

According to another article on the History Channel website, the Republican Party opposed slavery from moving into the western states as America expanded. Although some of today's left-leaning supports believe that the Republican Party is racist, that was not the case back then.

This is more of a lesson saying that the proud supporters of the left developed from the right. Let's remember that when we want to bash a political point of view just because it is different than what we think.

The Republican Party is to thank for giving African Americans proper citizenship and voting rights. This plays off the earlier example of the old Democrats opposing any form of rights for former African American slaves.

Both parties have gone through massive changes over the time of their existence. Today, most of the left-leaning supporters would have been right-leaning many years ago. As well as some, and I mean some, supporters of the Republican Party would have supported the Democrats from way back in the day.

All we can say now is that both left and right have had ideas flipped from one side to another. No one party is better than the other because they were once that of which they oppose. There needs to be a realization that we all have issues and all have skeletons in our closets.

If more people took it upon themselves to brush up on the history of where they line up politically, there might be a change in how we all treat each other. Rather than name calling and political shunning, there would be more debates on how to have continued improvement.

Most likely nothing will change and we will just continue the political war we have developed over the years.

We will see.