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Social media cleanses have become commonplace among media users over the past few years. Even NAU students have seen the value in cleansing themselves of social media and interacting with those around them.

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From the birth of a great philosopher to one of the most destructive floods in history, Sept. 28 is a day from history that brought triumphs and tragedies.

Although the more popular perspective of Charlottesville is seen only as violence from the far right (white supremacists, white nationalists, neo-Nazis), it is vital to recognize that there’s undeniably another side to the horrible situation, and both groups need to be denounced entirely.

Most white people have racist beliefs ingrained in them. Trying to justify racist rhetoric and beliefs by prefacing them with, “I’m not racist, but,” doesn’t excuse them. It’s still racist.

Hollywood is always making excuses for not casting Asian actors or writing Asian characters into their movies, but representation for Asians in Hollywood is very achievable.

NAU professors and Flagstaff locals head the Women's March in Flagstaff, Arizona on Jan. 21, in an effort to open discussion on women's rights…