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The Lumberjack: An NAU tradition since 1914. Jackcentral.org is produced and maintained by staff of The Lumberjack newspaper and the Media Innovation Center in the School of Communication at Northern Arizona University.

Our goal is to bring the news that is important to you through an expanding variety of different media, including broadcast, web and print. The Lumberjack has been a Flagstaff staple since its founding as The Pine in 1914. In 1946, students voted to change the name to The Lumberjack, and the newspaper has gradually evolved into its current form as a weekly publication.

The Lumberjack has been the recipient of a number of awards from the Society of Professional Journalists, the College Newspaper Business & Advertising Managers and the Arizona Newspapers Association.




Phone number: (928) 523-4921

E-mail: lumberjack@nau.edu 

Mailing address: PO Box 6000, Flagstaff, AZ 86011


Corrections and Clarifications

The Lumberjack is committed to factual correctness and accuracy. If you find an error in our publication, please email our Editor-in-Chief, Bailey Helton, at brs389@nau.edu. 


Executive Board

  • Bailey Helton, Editor-in-Chief — brs289@nau.edu

  • Sabrina Proffitt, Managing Editor — smp539@nau.edu

  • Brady Wheeler, Director of Digital Content — bew85@nau.edu
  • Sebastian Moore, Copy Chief — sam879@nau.edu
  • Bella Valenzuela, Print Chief — civ9@nau.edu

Editorial Board

  • Scout Ehrler, News Editor — see86@nau.edu
  • Ray Anne Galzote, Assistant News Editor — rmg349@nau.edu
  • Trevor Skeen, Assistant News Editor — ths62@nau.edu
  • Karin Johnson, Assistant News Editor —  gkj6@nau.edu
  • Caitlin Burke, Opinion Editor — ctb246@nau.edu
  • Ryan Dixon, Assistant Opinion Editor — rod9@nau.edu
  • Nathan Manni, Culture Editor — nem233@nau.edu
  • Nayomi Garcia, Assistant Culture Editor — ng535.edu
  • David Church, Sports Editor — djc455@nau.edu
  • Cameron Richardson, Assistant Sports Editor — ccr236@nau.edu
  • Ash Lohmann, Features Editor —  aml772@nau.edu
  • Jacob Meyer, Assistant Features Editor — jmm2447@nau.edu
  • Morgan Fisher, Director of Photography — mjf288@nau.edu 
  • Bess Valdez, Assistant Director of Photography — bmv67@nau.edu
  • Shannon Swain, Senior Photographer — sms922@nau.edu
  • Maddie Cohen, Director of Illustration — msc335@nau.edu
  • Shawn Patti, Director of Multimedia —  smp446@nau.edu

Faculty Advisers

  • David Harpster, Faculty Adviser — david.harpster@nau.edu

  • Taylor Mahoney, Visual Adviser  — john.mahoney@nau.edu

  • Marsha Simon, Sales Adviser and Faculty Sales Manager — marsha.simon@nau.edu