College athletes earn enough by leaving college debt free, but California Senator Nancy Skinner is trying to pass a law known as Fair Pay to Play to offer compensation to college students in California for playing sports.

NAU football is obviously not a well-known breeding ground for NFL teams, but the Lumberjacks have a small history of former players finding success. The NFL may not be aware of some of the talent NAU has on its roster, but some of these players could be considered diamonds in the rough and find success in football outside of the Flagstaff campus.

Tyler Skaggs and Malik Noshi share similar stories that hurt to hear but are necessary to talk about. Taboo or not, we will not be quiet.

The Lumberjacks are determined to increase attendance during this season. With last year's steady decline in fans, the team is looking to turn that number around and see an increase as the season progresses.


Men's basketball player Bernie Andre was invited to participate in a Haitian national basketball team minicamp. It was clear his goals meant much more than shooting a ball through a hoop.


@NAU_football lost in Tucson Sept. 7 against the University of Arizona Wildcats (@ArizonaFBall). Although the @NAU Lumberjacks travel back with a 1-1 record, they put up an incredible fight. #NAUStrong ⚒️🌲🏈 #BigSkyFB

Indianapolis Colt's Andrew Luck retired at the age of 29 from the NFL. With negative reactions from fans, the star quarterback ultimately made a decision that was best for him.

Looking into the newest men's basketball, football and soccer coaches at NAU.

Football's Chris Ball and Jerry Partridge began a 37-year relationship as roommates in college. They played three years together at Missouri State, and their friendship continues as they lead the Lumberjacks.

Balancing school, practice and personal lives in college can't be the easiest thing. Our athletes are responsible for more than just putting on a show on the field.


After a handful of penalties and a few injuries the Lumberjacks walked off the field with wide grins and a win.

Head football coach Chris Ball opens up about what he leans on for guidance and the lessons that he is instilling into the minds of his players.


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Players that aren’t in the NBA anymore like Kobe and Jordan still find ways to expand their brand constantly, but what about players that aren’t in the league yet?