Winning the Super Bowl, the Stanley Cup, the World Series or the NBA Finals is a huge accomplishment and goal for most athletes. However, it seems like the passion for these sports is dwindling as players’ focus turns to earning a higher salary instead of winning a championship.

With the NFL, playoffs can be an intense time for teams, especially for those who are expected to make it. Teams such as the New England Patriots, Green Bay Packers, Seattle Seahawks and Pittsburgh Steelers have all built big franchises in the league. The players on these teams, however, are used to this now. They expect the brand deals, the fame and the money that comes with being on a competitive team. Being on pro teams comes with benefits but these players aren’t focused on the game, only the profit.

With these sports, the lack of passion has caused the games to seem repetitive and predictable. The players are continuing to play the game because they are contracted to and for the fame that comes with it. Most people want to be famous and be in the spotlight, which these athletes get to experience.

With fame comes fans of all ages. These athletes have an effect on these fans that can result in mimicked behavior. If the fans can tell that players are losing interest, then it can result in loss of fan engagement, which brings in revenue for teams.

Money is a huge part of the game because players undergo strenuous mental and physical health problems throughout their careers. Like these athletes, students go through emotional and mental difficulties with financial decisions as well. Being a student, you are constantly having to worry about paying for classes and where to live. Students often choose college based on the school that will provide the most financial aid. A lot of NAU students have come here due to good scholarship options, but have lost interest in the school because they didn’t have the passion to come here; it just led to the most financial benefit.

Athletes lean on one another for support and courage during games but if the teammates have the same mentality of showing up for the paycheck — than the team won’t succeed. It is common for teams to get stuck in their own head on success or failure, which can lead to the mental exhaustion players feel. While there are some players who are truly in it for the game and their long-time passion, it is becoming transparent who is playing to earn the most before their careers end.

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The less interested players seem, the fewer fans will want to see them play. Fans can tell by watching games that players show up, but are checked out. While in some players it is clear they are in it for the game and love of the sport, others seem to show up to collect a check at each game.