Women’s basketball guard, Lauren Orndoff is out for the rest of the 2018-19 season due to a collapsed lung.

To get back a year of eligibility, NAU’s policy states a student athlete must have played in 30 percent of games or less. This policy allows injured players to return for a fifth year and gain back a lost season.

Due to her presence in over half the season, Orndoff cannot register as a medical redshirt, counting this season as a year of eligibility. Orndoff will return as an upperclassman after three seniors complete their final season.

Head coach Loree Payne tweeted, “So bummed for you @laurenorndoff but major comeback ahead!!”

Orndoff is leaving the season unfinished but hopes to recover in time for a return this fall. She has a total of 433 minutes played on the season but has been absent since mid-January after their game against Southern Utah where the Lumberjacks lost in overtime.

Prior to this game, Orndoff played her statistically highest game, against Idaho State. Despite the Lumberjack loss, Orndoff made 5 of 6 field goal attempts and one 3-pointer. She finished the game with a .714 shooting percentage. She is finishing the season now with 141 points and a 10.1 shooting average.