NAU women's soccer pulled through in the second half to win 4-1 against Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University April 20 for their last home game of the spring season.

NAU took several shots on goal in the first half, however only one of them was successful. A header by sophomore Kayla Terhune left the game 1-0 in favor of the Lumberjacks after the first half. NAU managed to keep the Eagles at one goal in the second half while putting in three more of their own.

Turning Point: A goal by sophomore Emma Robson opened the door for the Lumberjacks. Robson shot a header from a corner kick that went into the back of the net. After her goal, NAU went on to score two more within five minutes. Sophomore Page Maling and freshman Sam Larberg each had a goal in the second half.

NAU stayed busier in the air than on the ground. Two of their goals came from headers off of corner kicks. They also had multiple scoring opportunities from crosses into the box. Junior midfielder and forward Heather Donais gave her teammates many opportunities to score from several of her crosses and corner kicks.

Prime Performer: NAU's sophomore midfielder Kayla Terhune said her goal was to be more offensive this game. She pushed up the field when it was needed and helped her team keep possession of the ball for the majority of the game. Terhune said she has been working hard in practice on her offensive game.

Even though Terhune was focused on being more offensive, she was still crucial in the success of NAU's defense and held the Eagles to only one goal throughout the game.

Best Quote: “This spring we focused on the identity of our team, understanding each other and building trust,” said head coach Kylie Luow.

“Our chemistry off the field allows us to play even better when we're on the field,” Terhune said.

What's Next: The Lumberjacks are practicing and preparing for next season.

“In the fall we want to be ready to go,” Luow said. "There’s a few things to fine tune, but we just want to make sure we keep our foundation."