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NAU finished their second road weekend with a win against the New Mexico State University (NMSU) Aggies Sunday. The Lumberjacks defeated the Aggies 1-0 with a goal from freshman defender Kiana Miyazato in the second half to break NAU’s four game losing streak in Las Cruces, New Mexico.

Over the past two road weekends, the Lumberjacks have not had much success down the stretch, losing games to the University of Southern California, University of Pacific and the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Losing by small margins, NAU needed to tighten up their execution and find a way to finish the weekend with a victory as they arrived in Las Cruces.

Come game time, NAU arrived with a different rhythm from their past three games. The Lumberjacks controlled the tempo of the game early and held it well, outshooting the Aggies in both halves by a significant amount. With almost half of their total shots being on goal, the Aggies were forced to remain defensive throughout the game.

NAU had control, but that did not give them the lead. The Aggies were on it defensively and were getting the job done with NMSU junior goalkeeper Dmitri Fong finishing the afternoon with 10 saves, keeping the Aggies even against the Lumberjacks.

Miyazato scored a goal in the 74th minute to put the Lumberjacks ahead 1-0 with a little over 15 minutes left in the match. The freshman scored her first career goal in her fourth game played with the Lumberjacks. This made her the fifth person on the team to score a goal this season, tied with fellow freshman Lexy Aguilar.

NAU was at the Aggies’ neck all the way up until the final whistle adding in six more shots that would not find the net after Miyazato’s score, putting away any chance of a win for the Aggies as NAU closed out with a 1-0 win Sunday afternoon.

With the win, NAU is now 3-4-1 on the season. Heading home, they are now one game away from conference play as the University of Houston travels to Flagstaff for a matchup Friday at Max Spilsbury Stadium.