Three men from Oakland, Calif., collaborate together to make a unique combination of funk, jazz and reggae — nutty to say the least. They go by the name Pistachio.

Performing at the Flagstaff Monte Vista Lounge Nov. 13, Pistachio brought something to the table that was unheard of. With this combination of different genres, the men provided a sound that cannot be duplicated.

With such a unique name, you cannot help but wonder where it came from.

“Funny story — early on in the band, our neighbor’s cat, Pistachio, would always come to visit us during our practices,” said Pistachio drummer Zach Briefer. “When playing one song, the cat went ballistic, knocking over all of our beers onto the equipment. We ended up having to replace it, but to pay homage to such a funny incident we named the band after the cat.”

Pistachio originated in Oakland, Calif., where all of the members are from. They have traveled all over the bay area and have gone as far as Mexico sharing their funky grooves. Early this year, they released their album called Jungle Diary, written completely by the band.

When Pistachio took the stage, it was apparent many of the people who came to the Monte Vista Lounge were surprised at what they heard. Starting slow, not many people were watching or listening to the music; but as time went by, more people of all ages filled the dance floor to enjoy every minute.

“Our songs are pretty connected to events from our own lives — we hope people going through similar things can relate to them,” said bassist Devin Hollister. “We've met some crazy people of all ages along the way, and it’s always fun to hear how people connect to our music.”

The majority of Pistachio’s music is instrumental. Here and there they will fill in with lyrics, but much of the sound is primarily based off of the instruments and solos. The lyrics are not your typical song lyrics — there are not any verses or a repeated chorus, but it is a continuous journey about an experience they have gone through. Pistachio tells a story with their music and varying melodies.

The band members are extremely talented with their instruments. Continuously switching off between solos and giving each other the spotlight, Pistachio has a great way in showing their relationship through their music. Without much lyrics, it is easier for you to pay close attention to the way they are playing their instruments and how much fun they have doing it.

“Our music is very improvisational,” said guitarist Antony D’Avirro. “Although our songs have structure to them, certain parts in every song have room for improvisation built in. We never really know where it will go but that also makes them really fun to play.”

You never know what is going to come next. Whether it’s going to be singing, solos or a chorus, Pistachio keeps you on your feet and intrigued, trying to figure out what genre to label their music.

Ultimately, you can see the passion for music through their show. Each member of Pistachio had vocal roles throughout different pieces. Smiling through the entire show and dancing while playing, pure talent flooded the venue.

Pistachio enjoys sharing its music with those that want to listen and aspire to further their musical career. The band members are continuously writing new material and progressing in their journey.

Their next move entails spending some time in the Chiricahua Mountains in Arizona recording their next full-length album. After that they will be going on a three month spring and summer tour to support the album.

Pistachio filled Monte Vista Lounge with upbeat and welcoming melodies in which you could not help but move your feet to. Pistachio always loves stopping by this small town — dancing with friends and drinks in hand, Pistachio yet again had an outstanding show in Flagstaff.

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