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Illustration by Madison Cohen

The socially distanced 63rd Annual Grammy Awards gave us many performances that ranged from show-stopping to head-scratching. Megan Thee Stallion and Dua Lipa dominated while others didn’t make the cut. 

Although I love Cardi B, I found the performance of her latest single “Up” to be incredibly awkward to watch. I was fond of her metallic outfit, but not wowed and it seemed to be in the way of her choreography, which came across as very clunky. The early 2000s imagery in the background was the only thing that kept me entertained until this performance’s savior, Megan Thee Stallion, entered during the two artists’ collaboration “WAP.” Overall, the entire performance sounded choppy and I think that’s because both songs were incredibly censored for obvious reasons. However, I’m excited to hear her upcoming projects. 

In her own performance, Best New Artist winner Megan Thee Stallion brought us into the roaring 2020s with “Body” and “Savage,” which won the award for Best Rap Song. All the other performers lacked entertaining choreography, which made this set even more outstanding. The gold set populated with flappers was so fun to see. This 1920s jazz-inspired rendition was done so well that I keep rewatching the performance over and over again. Megan is an artist that I love to see succeed and watching her win her first Grammy awards was so satisfying.

Dua Lipa performed songs “Levitating” and “Don’t Start Now” from her album “Future Nostalgia,” which won Best Pop Vocal Album and was nominated for Album of the Year. Lipa easily overshadowed DaBaby whose presence was honestly unnecessary. I found myself waiting for his verse to be over so I could continue watching Lipa. Although she is comedically known for not having the best choreography, she surprised me in this set and I can’t wait to see more from this artist. I also love the fact that she wore three different monochromatic outfits throughout the performance.

Harry Styles always gives great looks and vocals and this performance was no different. Donning a leather suit and lime green boa, Styles once again proves himself to be one of the best current artists and fashion icons. In another jazz-inspired performance, Styles sang “Watermelon Sugar” flawlessly, which won Best Pop Solo Performance. He is able to have such a magical stage presence that one song wasn’t enough for me and now I need an entire set from him.

Billie Eilish once again delivered another haunting performance with “everything i wanted,” which won Record of the Year that evening. Although I didn’t love Eilish’s jeweled outfit, I thought the set was absolutely stunning with its wrecked car and foggy atmosphere. Eilish can do no wrong with her dreamy vocals and haunting lyrics. I’ve been following her for almost five years and I have such high expectations for her next project and I’m sure she won’t disappoint.

Although the Grammys can be controversial in terms of snubbing and nominations, it is still an event I look forward to every year and I’m glad the pandemic wasn’t able to stop it.