NAU’s Department of Global Languages and Cultures hosted a Global Cabaret on March 25 at Liminal Flagstaff, a cafe and community center. The Global Cabaret is a performance group that engages audiences through poetry, theater, music, dance and other arts. 

The event was open to the community and students for free. Attendees were encouraged to participate in the performances regardless of the language or their performance abilities. 

The audience was treated to a number of artistic expressions which spoke to the diversity and beauty of many global cultures. With performances based from different cultures and languages — like German, Italian and French — this event was an opportunity for the community to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for global cultures and the arts. 

Flagstaff resident Zia Kypta-Keith said she attended the event to expand her knowledge of the variety of cultures throughout the world. 

“I have never attended an event like this,” Kypta-Keith said. “It was cool to see that the Global Cabaret was excited to perform for all of us, I even recognized some of the sing along songs.” 

Kypta-Keith said as a traveler herself, she loves to find new places to explore and learn about.

“I have traveled around a little bit here and there and I have always enjoyed being exposed to new cultures. I find it very interesting,” Kypta-Keith said. 

The performances ranged from unique and traditional poems and stories to the playing of instruments and singing, all of which were rooted in different languages and cultures. 

One highlight of the event came from a performance which had audience members singing along in French. The act was inclusive and showcased the power of language and culture. 

Another student, a part of the Global Cabaret, performed a beautiful violin solo. This performance impressed the crowd and filled the room with joy. 

This event was not just about the performances but also the commemoration of language and global culture, creating an energetic and vibrant atmosphere. The Global Cabaret truly embodied a sense of community, as individuals from all walks of life came together to share their love for culture, language and art around the world.

Joecie Bustos is attending NAU to study psychology and German. Bustos came to the event because she thought it would be a good way to connect with the community

“I sort of knew what the event was going to be like coming into it but to see all the students come together and perform was nice,” Bustos said.

From her time studying at NAU, Bustos said her interest in languages has increased and that she enjoys learning about different cultures. 

“Just listening to it was great,” Bustos said. “It was beautiful to hear all of the performances that students had put together for this. I would definitely attend another event like this.”

The Global Cabaret not only provided a platform for community members and students to showcase their talents but a space to highlight underrepresented languages and cultures. 

It brought people together from all different backgrounds to honor something they are passionate about. 

Presley Maish is studying English and German at NAU and was also informed about the event and thought it would be a great opportunity to see the variety of languages displayed. 

“French seems hard to sing in a song,” Maish said. “I learned there's a lot more to French than what I thought so it was cool to listen to the French songs performed.”

As the event came to a close, performers and audience members came together to sing and celebrate the power of the many different languages, cultures and backgrounds. The Department of Global Languages and Cultures will be hosting more events like this in the future to bring the community together with the importance of culture. 

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