Shorebird for love birds

Flagstaff. It’s small, it’s quaint and you are bound to run into somebody you know if you go out for dinner. So, how do you make date night special?

I’m a strong believer that date night can range from watching the sunset to going out for a fancy dinner. However, if you are in the mood for the latter, Shorebird is the perfect spot. 

Located right next to downtown Sedona near Tlaquepaque Arts & Shopping Village, there are plenty of shops to spend some time at before and hotels to spend the night at after you’ve dined. 

First, the views of Sedona’s red rocks from the patio of Shorebird make the most perfect backdrop for an intimate meal with someone dear to you. The entire restaurant is surrounded by oversized windows to let in the bright light while providing an astonishing view.

The ambiance within the restaurant is another attractive feature of this establishment. It takes a modern take on dining with industrial accents showcased through exposed air vents and black steel shelving above the bar. The marble tabletops and shiplap ceilings draw patrons’ attention right to their food and drinks.

Their menu covers a variety of foods ranging from avocado fries to oysters, veggie tacos and short ribs. If you are craving more of a seafood flavor, you’re in luck, they have a raw bar with nigiri and rolls.  

The presentation of the food made it that much more appetizing. The attention to detail from the kitchen concerning every garnish on the plate to every drop of sauce shows the love this restaurant puts into its food. 

Although I personally haven’t had the privilege of enjoying brunch at Shorebird, their brunch menu is just as mouth watering as their dinner menu. With eggs benedict, a tomato and avocado omelet, chicken and waffles and a range of sandwiches on the menu, there is something for everyone to enjoy. 

Alongside the food, their refreshments also caught my eye not only for the reasonably priced mixed drinks but the variation as well. The drink menu covered an extensive list of wines along with sake and a few local or West Coast brewed beers. However, if you are craving a cocktail, their Smoked Blueberry Sour made with bourbon, smashed blueberries and fresh lime juice fascinated me. I’m sure your server would be able to recommend a drink customized to your liking though.   

The waitstaff was nothing if not kind and welcoming and truly attempted to make every guest’s experience memorable. 

While sitting at my table I witnessed several customers forming connections with their waiters. Whether that was being recommended another type of cocktail, bringing up their favorite places in town or exploring the appetizer menu, the hospitality was amazing.

Although the dessert menu doesn’t provide a huge variety, the portions and quality certainly make up for it. The chocolate brownie was one of the richest desserts I have ever had. Being partnered with a scoop of vanilla ice cream made it beautifully balanced in my mouth.

It would be remiss not to point out the prices at Shorebird, but compared to other restaurants in downtown Sedona, nothing should be too surprising. 

Now, if you ever find yourself in Southern California craving some sushi, tacos or filet mignon, they have a second location at Newport Beach as well.

If going on a weekend or a busy night, I would recommend making a reservation ahead of time in order to avoid a wait outside in the cold air.

Overall, Shorebird made for the perfect evening escape and I would recommend it to anyone.

Rating: 9/10

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