NAU Students have found innovative ways to stay stylish while being sustainable. The Flagstaff community and clubs like NAU’s Thrift Jacks help by upcycling clothing.



Sustainability has been an important issue for Flagstaff, and programs like the Adequate Water Supplies Program are working to address the current water conservation efforts. 



NAU students are taking actions to combat paper waste on campus. The Green Fund has started a These Come From Trees sticker initiative to promote being sustainably conscious. 

The relationship between @NAU and Flagstaff is a complex alliance as these two sides navigate how to best interact. Students and Flagstaff residents share their experiences in a small town full of colorful cultures.


Looking for a reason to enjoy some cold beer? Dark Sky Brewing Company, @DarkSkyBrewing, and High Country Humane have partnered to bring Flagstaff citizens a worthwhile reason to knock a couple back.

As students find their home in Flagstaff, clubs are integral to create an atmosphere of belonging. Students from various on-campus organizations talk about being a part of some of the 375 clubs on campus and share tips on how to keep an effective schedule. 


NAU’s nursing program is a popular field, but it is not easy to take on. Despite having to complete multiple qualification requirements and even if the acceptance process is rigorous, students have more than one shot to make it.

As a new student to Flagstaff’s mountain town, an encompassing guide on what to do when one comes up to NAU could be helpful. These upperclassmen voice their opinions on how time is best spent in a mountain town.


Imagine committing to a sorority or fraternity, a forever family, without ever meeting them in person. Well, that is what prospective members of Greek life are going through as they participate in virtual recruitment.