Having a place to study, destress, and hang out with family or friends is something local businesses offer, in addition to providing diversity and inclusivity through cultural cuisines. Further, these businesses support college students through big and small achievements in their academic careers. NAU students shared their favorite local businesses and gave insight as to why they like them.

Likiya Holiday

Second year 

Archaeology Masters' Program

“My favorite memory would be eating [at Swaddee Thai] with my best friend, during undergrad, after midterms and finals. Just celebrating getting through another semester,” Holiday said. “The environment’s vibe is pretty chill. No need to dress up, but still a reason to go out and look good. There is an easygoing atmosphere. It is really welcoming to college students, and its lunch specials during the week are easy on the budget. Great food and good prices — nothing beats that.”


Haylee Patchell


Criminology and Criminal Justice 

“[Civano Coffee House] really supports LGBTQ+ [community members], and they do drag shows and stuff like that,” Patchell said. “And I think it’s really cool, they used to be in Tucson and then they moved up here.”  


Ellisha Tsinnijinnie


Political Science

“My favorite local business would have to be a coffee shop downtown called Late for the Train,” Tsinnijinnie said. “I really like the vibe that they have because you can study there, and not too many people go there. And they have a nice out back area between the alleys, and they have nice outdoor tables and stuff. It’s a really good coffee shop; I usually get the Coconino Mocha, hot.”


Rhiannon Moser 


Psychology Major 

“My favorite memory would be when my family first visited me from home,” Moser said. “I am from out of state, so having them come visit and take me [to The Lumberyard] was comforting, and now we go there every time they come to visit. It’s become a tradition for us. The vibe is super laid back and friendly. They are pretty welcoming of college students, and the good food makes it worth the money,” Moser said.


Makaius Marks


Applied Indigenous Studies

“For me, being Indigenous, I can relate to the cuisine and the foods offered [at Hawaiian Barbeque], and I could see part of myself within the foods I eat. I feel better about myself after consuming such foods,” Marks said. 

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