College is a formational time where students can learn more about themselves and gain life experiences with the company of some like-minded people. One of the ways students can make their time on campus well-rounded is by joining one of the many clubs offered. Getting involved with different communities can uncover a hidden interest or get students connected with other individuals who share the same passion. These students share the impact that clubs have had on their time at NAU, as well as some resources and tips to help stay on schedule while in school. 


Lilliana Cervantes


Environmental sustainability

“I think it’s a lot of dedication, but it’s so worth it,” Cervantes said. “I think that a lot of students are scared to get involved, but if you just do it and dive into the deep end you get used to it.

“Get involved in as many things as you can, see what interests you and what doesn’t. Now is the perfect time to grow and build those connections, and that’s what I always tell people is the most important part. Growing, building connections and being happy learning about yourself. That’s why I think it is important to get involved.”


Maria Machelor


International affairs and Spanish 

“I feel like I get more involved in the NAU community just to have more of a feel of how campus life is, or meeting students that are either above my grade level or different ages,” Machelor said.

“I just think that you need to remind yourself of your priorities and what comes first and see what you have to do that day. I go by day and schedule by day. I do what’s due and what I need to prioritize.”


Morgan Smith



“I decided to give it one more chance and over winter break,” Smith said. “I went on the True Blue Connects page and wrote down every [club] that I was interested in and just tried to put myself out there more. That really changed my whole experience at NAU. It was definitely hard those first few months, but as soon as I found my people, it changed it all.”


Alexander Torgler 


Environmental sustainability

“To anyone who is looking at a club, it can be the foundation for a lot of your experiences through college,” Torgler said. “[Hiking club] has led people through five different states and little pockets in Arizona, so you never know where it will take you. It’s hard to put that on a club description, so if you have an inclination, just go for it.” 

Rachell Krell 


Strategic communication

“I love everything that I am involved in, otherwise I would not be doing all this because it’s so much,” Krell said. “I keep an actual calendar and a Google calendar, which helps me to know what to prioritize. There are some times where I just have to be a student for a week or I can’t give as fully to certain things due to how busy it is.”


Ashley Santana


Physics and astrophysics

“I think it’s honestly really important just to go to even one [club] meeting because that one meeting can kind of show you about the club in general,” Santana said. “There were some clubs where I tried one week and it didn’t work out, but sometimes that first week can get you involved and help you find something that you really want to do.

“Just find a club that you really vibe with because you don’t want that club to be a chore. Sometimes getting involved seems really daunting, but at the same time it’s really cool.”