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You always like to make it difficult for us. Every time I decide, “hey I wanna write this story,” you decide to come along and screw it up. You make it so hard to finish anything. We would be building up the world, the characters, the plot and delve into the nitty-gritty details. Then it happens — something catches our attention. You become entranced by a sudden moment, a concept, something that makes you tick. A new idea occurs. From that, you suddenly decide that it’s time to do something else. I have to stop typing, writing, and developing since I can’t do it without you. But what about our current project? Sure, I’m just there to jot them down. But I’m also the one who actually puts it on paper, forging it to fruition — making it real. However, everything revolves around your influence, and right now you draw me to that new idea you have. So until then, the project that we were just working on is on a hiatus until you decide it's time to get back to it and hopefully I can get back to writing it and eventually finish.

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