Newly appointed President-designate Dr. José Luis Cruz announced via email this morning to the NAU community the formation of a presidential transition core administrative team. 

Dr. Cruz appointed faculty members Laurie Dickinson, Vice Provost for Curriculum, Assessment and Accreditation, Associate Vice President of Communications Kimberly Ott and Director of President’s Office Operations Brian Register to take on the responsibility advancing the university’s mission during the transition.

Moreover, Dr. Cruz voiced the need for the development and implementation of a communication plan that sets a foundation for the start of his presidency. Information in regard to virtual town halls and campus visit will be disseminated across the campus community via a presidential transition portal, which is expected to be operational March 15. 

Dr. Cruz noted the portal, as well as the email address will allow the campus and Flagstaff community engage in a bidirectional communication with the transition team.

“An essential part of my commitment to ‘hitting the ground learning’ at NAU will be to get a quick, yet thorough, understanding of all significant issues occurring during the transition period and beyond that may have a long-term financial or political impact on the university,” Dr. Cruz said. “To this end, I will be working directly with members of the Executive Team, College Deans, Department Chairs, the Faculty Senate Executive Committee, and other senior leaders across the university and ABOR.”