Flagstaff’s first Tiny House Village is scheduled to open later this fall. 

Developed by local eco-friendly contracting company Hope Construction, this project will be a fully functional village of small-scale houses, marketed to people looking for a compact lifestyle. 

Major strides in production, including the completion of the community’s first model home, led developers to hold their first open house on Sept. 2. In celebration, Tiny House Village Sales Manager Jennifer Carpenter and the Hope Construction team also hosted a chamber of commerce ribbon cutting ceremony to mark the start of their journey.

“This was such an exciting kickoff,” Carpenter said. “We were so happy to show people the model and what the community is all about.” 

The Tiny House Village is modeled to provide small-scale living arrangements for people looking to downsize. Located at 1411 N Fourth Street, this village includes six tiny home plots measuring below 399 square feet and 24 “less tiny” home plots measuring below 1,000 square feet. 

With six different small house floor plans, the final products will vary by land size, bedroom number and bathroom count based on their location within the community. The Tiny House Village operates as a leased-land development where residents own their homes while leasing the land they live on. This lease currently includes water, sewer, trash and snow removal services as well as property taxes and community amenities.

Developer and owner of Hope Construction David Carpenter said he wanted to create a low-cost community people could put their personal touch on.

“We got the inspiration for the Tiny House Village when we saw a need for a solution to the high housing prices in Flagstaff,” David Carpenter said.

With smaller homes providing the possibility of fewer expenses related to energy and maintenance, the Hope Construction team said the creation of a tiny home community was the affordable and environmentally-conscious answer they were looking for. 

The small size of the homes gives them many ecological benefits. Fewer resources are used to perform maintenance, and tiny homes are considered better candidates for recycled materials in their construction. These homes also contain less space for heating or cooling, making them largely energy-efficient and able to reduce monthly utility bills.

Being substantially smaller than the average home, tiny houses are also known to decrease clutter, require less frequent upkeep and are more cost-effective than building a larger home. All the while, Hope Construction also guarantees the size of these homes won’t take away from the comfort and satisfaction an average home provides. 

“The only difference living in one of our ‘not so tiny homes’ compared to a regular size home is the size,” Jennifer Carpenter said. “You are not sacrificing anything else. Each home has beautiful finishes, stainless steel appliances and its own yard.”

This dedication to comfort extends to the Tiny House Village’s number of community resources. Most notable of these is the community clubhouse which contains a fully-functioning kitchen and a television area designed for larger gatherings.

 With a separate entrance for maximum privacy, the community also has access to two large bathrooms, each containing showers, for those living with smaller bathrooms who prefer additional space. Laundry facilities and recreational games are also planned to be added to the clubhouse. 

“Tiny House Village will be a tight-knit community of people looking to downsize who will still have a yard and space of their own,” Jennifer Carpenter said. “They won’t have to give up on outdoor space just because they’re going smaller. There will be a beautiful spot behind the community building with barbecues, bocce ball courts, yard games and more. This will be a fun gathering spot for the residents to socialize or entertain guests.”

For those with pre-built tiny homes, Tiny House Village offers the option to purchase special lots for personal installation available by reservation. Whether this means transporting a mobile home or constructing a new one, these houses are welcome as long as they are up to code, are of a mountain style or similar appeal and are less than the maximum 399 square foot size. 

With the official opening of the Tiny House Village in the near future, the Hope Construction team says they are looking forward to the day when families and individuals move in. The village is scheduling tours of the forest-lined community and fully-furnished model home. 

“It is important that our city have a diversity of housing options,” David Carpenter said. “This first-of-its-kind community is excited to offer our take on affordable and sustainable living.”

To learn more about Tiny House Village or to be put on their waitlist, visit its website, Facebook and Instagram.

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