NAU announces proposed Sustainable Smart Campus Master Plan

NAU President José Luis Cruz Rivera announced today the formal start of NAU’s year-long process of creating the Sustainable Smart Campus Master Plan.

Cruz Rivera said in the email the comprehensive effort will be guided by principles for future land use and development of facilities and infrastructure on campus over the next 10 years. Moreover, he noted now is the best time for the university to engage in the process, while making a commitment to sustainability.

“Our last master plan was completed in 2010, and in the 12 years since its release, the landscape of higher education has evolved significantly,” Cruz Rivera said. “Further, as we near the completion of our Strategic Roadmap process, it is timely to launch a master planning effort now so that we can align how we plan, develop, and utilize our physical infrastructure closely with our articulated institutional mission and vision.”

Furthermore, Cruz Rivera noted as the university moves through the master plan process, there will be multiple opportunities for the NAU community to engage and ask questions. The proposed plan will consider, among other elements: sustainability, transforming NAU’s buildings and grounds into a truly connected 21st-century campus, multimodal transportation infrastructure and support, information technology, accessibility, safety, use of open space, utilities and more. 

The process will create a comprehensive blueprint for infrastructure planning and development, while being aligned with NAU’s mission and vision. In the months ahead, many avenues will be made available for feedback and engagement, which will be submitted to the Arizona Board of Regents for review and approval.

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