Letter from the Editor

The day is approaching. The day we all dream about when we first open our acceptance letter as an official Lumberjack: Graduation day. A day we all think about while enduring hours of lectures and pulling our hair out in the library over insolvable homework problems. However, I am more worried about what comes after this day. 

A fourth year student is constantly asked, “What do you plan on doing after graduation?” Most of our answers are that we do not have any idea. For some reason, this is not a valid response. I do not agree. Not knowing what you are doing after graduation is all right and is simply an open door for opportunities. 

Personally, ignorance of what I want to do allows me to keep an unbiased view of my future. I have the whole world at my disposal, and I am excited for the unknown. I could be a journalist, sure, or I could be a baker, or flight attendant, or business owner or go to grad school. We can be anything and whatever our hearts yearn for we can try. 

I hate there is this pressure that graduates need to have it all figured out. We have to have our career lined up as soon as we slide the tassel. We should change that mindset and change the stigma about the unknown of our futures. 

We have so much time left on this Earth. I have to remind myself I am only 21, and I still have much to experience. So, instead of stressing over the path ahead, I am taking this time to reflect on the beauty my college experience was and hope everything will work out how it is designed. 

So, to all my fellow graduates — when you are at Easter Sunday, and you get the infamous and dreaded question, be assured most of us are in the boat with you and we will figure it out together. 

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