Blindly backing Biden is a dangerous decision

We are about to reach the halfway mark of President Joe Biden’s first 100 days in office, and many citizens seem to have critical opinions about his actions. Biden has been responsible for bombing Syria and the deportation of immigrants, leading many Republicans to question the winner of the election. However, Biden supporters are voicing their negative opinions while not backing out on who they voted for.

Conservatives who most likely did not vote for Biden seem to think those who did are regretting their decision. While this may be the situation in some cases, it is not the overall consensus. The president of the United States will not always make the right decision, so it is imperative that we stop blindly supporting politicians. 

When a politician in a person’s preferred political party does things that seem unethical or against their personal beliefs, one should be angry and have an opinion. Just like any prior presidency, Biden is not the end-all be-all for the Democratic party and should be held responsible for his actions.

We have been forced to blindly pick between political candidates due to our political system being dominated by two major political parties. Party affiliation aside, it is crucial to think for yourself and vote for the candidate with the characteristics and goals you want implemented in the future.

No one is perfect, especially those leading the government. There will often be times where our personal beliefs go against what the current president is carrying out for the country. 

This does not mean we have to throw in the towel and suck it up because of who we voted for. This actually gives even more of a push and drive to continue to voice opinions and hope that our leadership will learn from these mistakes and carry out change in the future.

Our country’s leaders should care about citizens’ reactions to their mistakes.  It is not the president’s job to have everyone like them, but it is their job to do what is best for the country. 

At the end of the day, whether you are Republican, independent or Democrat, there is a natural consensus that we all want the U.S. to thrive and be the best it can be. The people owe it to themselves to continue to do research, stay educated, speak up when they do not agree with something and most importantly: vote.

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