Many people have seen it, and know that the "&" means the conjunction "and." But did you know the symbol was actually once considered the 27th letter in the English alphabet? Here, Charlie answers the question, "What is the history of the ampersand?"


Growing up in a religious household can impact the way you view and feel about sex, but it is OK to be religious and have an active sex life.


Being away from home can be scary, but you should allow yourself to feel all your emotions. It's OK to not be OK sometimes.

Movies and TV shows are finally starting to represent minorities with their leading characters. While there is still work to do, this is a sign of improvement.

Milk and Honey is not real poetry. It is only popular because of mainstream media.

Skipping foreplay is lazy and unsafe. Understanding why foreplay is necessary is so important for a good sexual experience.


When you begin to write about sex, people see you as a sex writer and nothing else. It’s possible to be a journalist and a sex columnist.


Most college students fall into the routine of heavy drinking and partying. This may not seem like a big deal at the time, but these habits follow you after you graduate.

Many people don't understand the benefits of being apart of Greek Life. Greek Life provides you with job opportunities and friendships that last a lifetime.

Don’t let people tell you you can’t change your major, transfer schools or fail a class or else you won’t graduate on time. As a student who changed her major three times and attended three different universities, I’m living proof that people have more leeway in college than they think.

The blessing of being a mother can come with many strings attached, but having to worry about bringing your child to work should not be a problem.

I only have one semester left at NAU and will not be writing for The Lumberjack next semester. I wanted to share my interesting ride as a student at NAU and hopefully you can learn something.

While NAU’s new clear bag policy is continuously debated by students, it is a good thing. While the bags can cost a little much, the price for the safety of students and staff is never too high.

Students should have a plan set for after graduation in order to ensure that their college degree and abilities are used to the highest potential.

Many people turn to applications like Seeking Arrangements to find potential sugar daddies or mamas to financially support them. As long as you’re being safe, I respect the hustle.

The decision to go after Syrian President Bashar al-Assad for murdering his own people isn't terrible, but it's hypocritical because President Donald Trump doesn't care about refugees. 

Scholarships are made out to seem abundant and easy to receive as long as you put the effort into applying for them, but as far as my experience goes, they are not so easy to obtain.

Writing for the opinion section of a paper follows an almost inevitable path to backlash. Do those who respond with hateful messages ever wonder what their words actually do?

Exploring your family history can help you understand your present and personal identity. There is power in learning where you came from.

Dating someone older is romanticized just about everywhere, from TV to real life. Though getting involved with an older person seems like a sexy idea, it often comes at a price.

It is shocking how easy it is to become an organ donor. Still, many people choose not to do it. Being an organ donor is a tough, but rewarding decision.


Hip-hop is an important staple in black culture, and it has the power to change the lives of many in different ways.