Don't expect the world too soon

Many graduates come out of college eager to begin the career of their dreams. They start by looking for the jobs and internships which they've been preparing for years to tackle. Although the idea of an immediate start is enticing, it is usually not the path most people take. 

Moving laterally and, eventually, vertically through companies is the name of the game and learning to understand the hustle and be patient is paramount to overall success. 

Generally, landing a job is not the problem people face. The National Center for Education Statistics reported in 2019 that over 87% of individuals with a bachelor’s degree or higher were employed in the United States. This number is encouraging for potential college students when compared to the 74% of individuals with only a high school diploma or equivalent were employed full time. 

As students graduate, it is very important to begin gaining work experience in a company where their unique skills and traits will shine. However, in most cases, it will take a while for management to recognize individual talent.

According to Data USA, a United States government information sharing platform, the median age of management-level employees is 45.4 years of age for men and roughly two years younger for women. Since the general graduation age for a bachelor’s degree is 23, there is a 20-22 year period of time before the level of employment reaches management. 

Without a strong sense of the big picture and the ability to push through the adversity of day-to-day life, the likelihood of reaching six-figure salaries and fancy titles quickly diminishes. 

Although these numbers appear daunting, they should serve as a token of motivation.

In Harvard Business Review, there are numerous tips for getting a promotion, such as working later and taking on tasks and projects which clearly demonstrate an individual's ability to succeed. Everything in the American business world relates to personal success and just how much effort someone puts into their jobs. 

As more Lumberjacks move into what society has coined the real world, perceptions of reality can quickly change into bleak outlooks. The most important part after graduation is keeping morale and inspiration high. This way, when promotion opportunities arise, it will be that much simpler to reflect on the hard work and dedication it took to reach the success that people dream about.

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