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Now that public gatherings are back in full swing, the world of fashion is being brought to the forefront of media.

New York Fashion Week kicked into gear and was shortly followed by the annual Met Gala, hosted on Sept. 13. As it makes its annual sweep over social media, I question the legitimacy of the fashion industry’s celebrity-oriented nature.

Although it's entertaining to judge different styles and see famous people gather, it proves more so to be a wasteful practice — and paints fashion as frivolous. 

This year, the theme for the Met Gala was “In America: A Lexicon of Fashion,” the first in a two-part exploration continuing next year. It's been two years since the event took place, but it’s only fair to say designers lost their touch, as many celebrities completely missed the mark on the theme.

USA Today stated, “The most inventive fashion moments have often happened on the fringes of society, rather than at an event often centered around wealthy, cisgender white people.” 

What has been made to be the pinnacle of fashion is not even scratching the surface of the art that is fashion design. 

When considering the privilege of attending, public opinion of the Met Gala was especially divergent this year.

Some designers covered the cost of the $30,000 tickets for their celebrity models, further exhibiting wealth exclusivity.

Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s dress, in particular, sparked controversy.

Among other outfits involving political statements, her dress read “tax the rich.” Some praised the message, while others scrutinized its emptiness. Anticipating criticism, Ocasio-Cortez explained how New York elected officials are often invited to attend the Gala as part of their responsibilities. 

Nonetheless, the irony of the statement forced me to note how she refused to admit her privilege while being part of one of the most exclusive events with the wealthiest people in the country.

Just outside the Met, Black Lives Matter protesters were arrested while inside, celebrities lived a fantasy. That alone speaks for America's flawed political agenda.

The perilous state of the country’s unity has only been heightened by elitist events such as these, and there are infinitely more important issues at stake than what celebrities are wearing. 

A theme such as “American Independence” could never be represented accurately, if this so-called independence is based on false ideals and only highlights the nation’s richest.

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